Common Lugian sayings

Lugians have a lot of sayings both unique to their culture and shared with other cultures. Sayings presented here are only examples and it isn't a complete list of all Lugian sayings.

Religious sayings

These religious sayings are shared by all cultures worshiping Lady Susanne.
Oh, My Lady!
A common exclamation of shock
May Lady Susanne protect you
A farewell
Lady Susanne and Irenaeus are watching you
A common warning used to keep children behaving good
for Susanne's sake
An exclamation of anger, surprise or impatience

Historical sayings

Historical sayings are idioms related to historical events and people.
Go to Golden Fields
Lose a lot/suffer a big failure. The saying is related to the Battle at Golden Fields where Irenaeus The Journeyman defeated the Empire of Atamor

Patriotic sayings/words

Pompous ears
Steppe Rider
Our beautiful nation and country
isn't it self-explanatory?

Swear words

Swear words are considered by Lugians as words which shouldn't be spoken in public. Speaking them in public is considered a sign of low culture and is associated with the offscourings of society.
Name of the infamous mage is now the worst possible insult
The F word
Spoken by

Examples of using the sayings

Fit off, Pompous ears!
I need a miracle or I will go to Golden Fields soon

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