Day of Giving

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The first recorded celebration of this holiday was in the 15th year of the modern calendar; however, it had been around for nearly a decade at that point, albeit in an informal manner.   It was first celebrated in Zalityu by the Zalite Imperial House. It was to commemorate the first anniversary of the Sky Lords gifting the Book of Days to people of An'katerr. The celebration itself was small. Emperor Hajrentin gave small gifts to his family and household retainers. The following year, he expanded it, giving small tokens to the heads of the noble houses. This practice continued for a few years before word spread to the other four countries. By the 15th year it was celebrated in some manner in all of them. The emperors agreed that it was an occasion worth celebrating and so the holiday was formalized.


Traditionally, the holiday is celebrated by giving small gifts to friends and family, often accompanied by hot beverages such as tea and cider. Nobles typically give books as they are the only ones who could afford it.   Hand made gifts are more traditional than things bought in the market. It's frowned on to give overly elaborate or expensive gifts. While not strictly religious, the holiday has strong religious notes. By imperial decree, no one works on this day. This is a popular holiday among the working class, especially for those working in noble households. All food is made the day before to allow servants to rest. People may prepare food for themselves or their households, but doing so for someone else is prohibited. Exceptions are made for food prepared and donated to the less fortunate, but permission must be sought in advance.


This holiday marks the anniversary of the Book of Days. As such, it is celebrated on the 54th day of winter.
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