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The largest continent in Anira

The sky-continent of Damir is the largest of the three continents that compose the known world of Anira. Home to major ship foundries and the Hanseatic League, the continent is considered the major trade centre of the world.   Damir is named after the god Damir, the lord of winds and patron of trade.


The continent of Damir is made up of the following nations and territories:         Damir is bounded to the west by the Airsea Of Storms, to the north by the Airsea of Desolation, to the east by the sky-continents of Agelua and Kirimand by way of the Whirling Expanse, and to the south by the Sun-cursed Expanse.


  • Map of The Serene Kingdom of Lerma

    A map of the Serene Kingdom of Lerma, a country that borders the southern edge of Damir and the Damirian-Ageluan divide.

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