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The Guardians

A family through bond not blood, but a family none the less. They are, essentially, the world morphers, able to change their portion at will.

Although it is a trial and error process, they do eventually find a balance between power and grace. Some, such as Ichtytalus, the Guardian of the waters, has nearly wiped out an orphanage when she used to much power on a wave. Another, Caverticus, Guardian of the Caves and Undergrounds, made a canyon known as the Great Scar. It Goes nearly all the way around the planet, he quickly learned how to find a balance.


There is a High Guardian, who is, more or less, the leader of the Guardians, it changes rarely, but when it does, a new system is sure to come.

Public Agenda

Their announcements to the public are mainly when to expect, say, a cave to open up or fish migrations to occur.


Honor and loyalty to each other are their greatest assets, as most of them do not have hands, they can not easily use other items.


When Animoterra was first formed, the group also sprouted, and helped form it into the massive, healthy planet it is today. Caverticus is by far the oldest, but he has not been the High Guardian, as he hasn't wanted a leading role.

Throughout time, other Guardians have emerged, such as Ichtytalus, who was born as a Barbro, but chosen as a Guardian at the age of five. Chosen Guardians are usually trained by the original before their Divergence.


It is still a group today, but if they were to disagree to the point of separation, the world would smash into chaos, and they know this.

"For one we destroy, for all we build."

Founding Date
Although the true date is unknown, Caverticus swears he started when he met another Guardian.
Social, Clique
Alternative Names
The Mortal Gods
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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