Walk with Lavani

At first, I thought my writing project was about a halfling. He was trying to take all the power he could. A unique and scrappy council was ready to stand against him.

As I started worldbuilding, I got to know the people and places in my world. Unexpected events happened, heroes appeared, and whenever I focused into any corner of the world interconnected details emerged. A few times I wondered, did I create that or was it already there? It was surprising and magical. I found myself drawn into the forest as much as the characters were.

Lavani in armor by Hal Foster
Through that process, I met Lavani. Her backstory had sadness; it was difficult. Still, she fullfilled her part in the play. Her story was complete, or so I thought. A simple wooden door opened. I watched as she chose to walk through, escape her fate, and become something more. Not solely for herself but because she thought she had the potential to influence the outcomes for others in a positive way.

The challenges she faced, the choice she made, and the outcomes she reached for are what I really want to write about. Many of my short stories and poetry have included bits of her interactions with the world. You can read some of them on this website.

In addition to that, Patrons will, most importantly, support the development of the novel I am writing about Lavani. Signing up at the "Summon the Council" tier as a patron, you get:

  • Online access to the manuscript as I am writing - and see my process
  • I will send you a signed copy of the book when it is done
  • Online access to private content (including storytelling projects and campaign stories)

Thank you for your support if you decide to become a patron and if you can not do that at this time I hope the public articles I will be sharing about Lavani will inspire you!

Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder
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