VSS Anhult

Written by George Sanders

Very Short Stories - Quotes, Thoughts, and Sayings from the Anhult Wildlands

Through the month of January, I am participating in the vssCollab Challenge organized by ShyRedFox. Below are the threads and individual tweets I used to do my Very Short Stories. The first thread includes thoughts from Lavani during her first night as mayor of Montsilt. You can follow along with me on Twitter at @georgesanders_ or read the posts here. Each section below includes the tweet's date, the prompts used from vssCollab, #vss365, and #bravewrite, plus the tweet and image used.


The New Mayor

12/31/2021 (*, Becoming) The fire provided warmth like a trusted friend. Her resolve solidified as the crowd danced around her. She could be their mayor. A smile filled the space where there had been so much pain. Becoming something new was healing. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult #fantasy

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1/1/2022 (Resolve, Renewal) She listened first, then paused. That pause took resolve, but the new mayor found peace in it, even with the festival roaring around her. She heard hidden burdens, hopes, and a need to belong. So she would offer Spring, renewal. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult #fantasy

1/2/2022 (Liminal, Infinity) Once upon a time the new mayor considered herself endless, infinity. Others recognized that & used her to fuel greedy, power-hungry plans. Being rescued put her in a liminal space, aware of boundless potential & painful limits. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult #fantasy

The picture shows a red sky at dawn below a layer of white clouds in the background with tree branches shooting straight up ready for winter crossed by power lines running horizontal in the front.
Liminal Space at Dawn by George Sanders

1/3/2022 (Suggestion, Solar) The first to suggest during the festival that she be mayor showed her unconditional friendship. The new mayor vowed to respect that rare Gift. The vow's power surprised her, but it had coincided with a solar maximum. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #anhult #fantasy

Original image from iStockPhoto/mangostock. A diversity of hands in a row are raised to vote and volunteer. A blue filter is overlaid the image to fit with the story theme.
Reaching Hands by iStockPhoto/mangostock

1/4/2022 (Tranquil, Poise, Enormity) As the old sage talked, the new mayor took a deep breath. She needed balance, poise to be tranquil. The enormity of the moment loomed large. The air sparkled as she stepped in front, “Beautiful friends. Please sit." @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult #fantasy

1/5/2022 (Dawn, Curly, Tangible) She spoke of what was to come, fear tangible in the crowd. "I will watch over you. Will you continue to protect me?" She placed a curly ribbon on her tree. "At dawn the wind will release our fears, burdens and bring us hope." @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult #fantasy

1/6/2022 (Partake, Memories, Junkyard)The square filled with food. Time to partake. Ale, stews and bread drove the festival late into the night. The mayor collected memories like a librarian collects books. Each conversation akin to a precious find in a junkyard. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

1/7/2022 (Arrange, House, Dissipation)Dissipation of the town payroll became the end of the previous mayor. As he was brought out of the house the crowd surged forward. The new mayor moved, arranged the space, calmed the crowd back to the conversations at hand. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

1/8/2022 (birth, perspicacity, stanza)The new mayor had earned her perspicacity. She had been under lock and key. She had been tortured, drained of power. Yet her new community needed a way forward. Her choice was the birth of something new, an open door, a new stanza. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

1/9/2022 (origin, hypnosis, picturesque) The fires danced & reached out with their hypnosis. The festival grew quickly, the emotion of victory its origin. The new mayor's tree, the people, town, forest - now one. Picturesque. Not apart anymore, she was in the story. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

Close up picture of a fire. Thin branches are burning bright. The outline of the branches in the fire are red hot. Bright orange flame look like waves.
Festival Fire by George Sanders

1/10/2022 (connections, amorous, hyperbolic)Many in the crowd felt the sage had been hyperbolic when warning of the old mayor. The new mayor listened how the sage organized dozens to storm the townhall. While not amorous, deep connections showed his love of the people. @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

1/11/2022 (meaning, infatuation, trafficking)The old mayor's infatuation with money & crimes ended him, meaning he had imprisoned the new mayor & allowed trafficking of children. A ranger leaned to the new mayor. She turned to Emma, "My champions will recover your son."@LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

1/12/2022 (will, glimmer, bumblebee) The ranger standing nearby reminded the new mayor of her rescue. He had asked her name. As she touched the tree, her will gathered, and a glimmer of a memory bounced through her mind like a bumblebee on flowers. "I am Lavani" @LavaniOfAnhult @vssCollab #vss365 #bravewrite #anhult

Young elvish looking woman with long green hair, flowers in her hands and in her hair. Dressed in a blouse with puffy arms and high collar. A leather vest over top - cottagecore style.
Lavani with

The View from Here

1/13/2022 (code, comics)"People that thought of themselves as comics would try to get me to laugh, but they didn't know the code. I was a blank slate inside, desperate to figure out what their words meant, so I said nothing. But, the emotions coming off of them were loud and clear."@vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult

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1/14/2022 (rise, watermelon) "Their blood pumped. Their faces got as red as the inside of a watermelon. The palpable rise in their anger confirmed I should not have looked. I read it from wisps of anticipation, the savoring of the hunt, their emotions. I screamed." @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/15/2022 (launch, serenade) "When I screamed the musician strolling the great hall stopped her serenade. As my sister she launched herself toward me. The entire court was looking. I didn't stop until she touched my hand. 'I need to go,' I whimpered knowing it could cost her" @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/16/2022 (hero, midnight) "Twenty years older than me and famous, my sister was my hero. She waved to the prince, now standing on the edge of the dias with a stern face. 'I need to go' I said, crying. She walked me over to the door as the bell tolled midnight." @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/17/2022 (stream, leap) A chunk of stone from the ceiling crashed into the prince's chair. Guards dashed into the room. Those men with the flush faces mowed down the guards with a stream of crossbow bolts. My sister knelt in front of me, two bolts in her back. We made a leap for the door. @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/18/2022 (option, daisy) My sister and I reached an alcove - blood on the front of her shirt now! "No option, pick out fletching. Push bolt through," she said. I gasped and looked at the daisy in a nearby vase. "Signal! Eyes on me. Before I lose consciousness, come on." @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/19/2022 (practice, siren) I kept thinking "This is something I should have practice doing first," but I was too worried about losing my sister. I pushed the bolt through. She screamed in pain and when she caught her breath she said "Siren". Then put her hand on the wound and it started to close. @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/20/2022 (trip, arcade) "Time to take a trip, lie low." my sister said as we ran under the arcade. "I'm sorry I ruined your song." My sister stopped. "Signal, you misunderstand, don't be sorry. You saved the prince. Plus, that bolt wasn't for me, they aimed at you." @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


1/21/2022 (introduction, liar) "My sister prefers I not share such stories but I needed a strong impression. The new mayor suggested a trade as an introduction. She knew I wasn't a liar, the same way I knew what the assassins planned. 'Your turn Lavani,' was how I ended." @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult


Next Flower

1/22/2022 (baseline, rain) The rain drummed off the patio roof. Lavani woke me. "It is time to show you the baseline." I had dozed off while waiting. "You wanted to know my story, why I stayed here." She took my hand and pulled me out into the rain. Her bare feet raced forward. @vssCollab #vss365 #signal #anhult

Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder


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