Suspicion has grown.
Everyone in the unit
heard among the leaves,
a voice in the breeze.
It's a whisper out of reach
not ominous, change.

Daily Report

by Lieutenant Stoke

Full report

Attribution: Etonia Guard

Age Estimate: recent

Background: This 25 word missive was received by the Guard leadership and delivered to the Etonia Council. Messages are then stored in the library. Guard units are supplied with magicaly enhanced stones that allow the transmission of short messages of up to 25 words once per day. This report was of particular interest to the Guard as it corroborated reports from merchants and farmers around outskirts of the city who were close to the forest. You must have special clearance for this to be in your collection.


Author's Notes

This article is part of the Storytelling Collective's April Daily Poem challenge, 30 days of poetry. As with all #StoCo challenges, this is a no-pressure writing challenge intended to be fun and stimulating. If you are inspired to share use the tag #AprilDailyPoem. After you log in to World Anvil to leave your comment below, follow the Anhult Wildlands and I'll send you a notification as I complete additional poems.

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