Written by George Sanders

Wil and Thom ran out the alley from between the tavern and Thom's house. They only had about 15 minutes before they were called in for dinner. They turned and raced down the street. Wil skidded to a stop at Yelsin's shop. He poked his head in and held up a hand. Yelsin tossed in a candy from the counter. "Thanks" Wil yelled already halfway down the street.   He caught up to Thom at the blacksmith shop and they navigated their way through the large crates and piles of material beside the busy workshop. It was a shortcut to the market. A boy and a girl about the same age as Wil and Thom were sitting at a makeshift table. Mica and Bridgette had just finished up their shift threshing and winnowing wheat. "Hey! What are we going to do tomorrow?" Thom asked as he sat down at the table "We got the whole day."   Bridgette replied right away "Let's go on an adventure. I'll bring Pumpkin and we can be just like Lavani's Champions." Thom sighed "Why do we always have to bring the cat?" Bridgette raised her hands incredulously, "Because, someone has to be Gift!" Wil chimed in "I'm Ardelis," as he sucked on the candy. "And I'm Supheli" Bridgette declared. Thom shrugged, "Hey Mica, can we see the scar again?" Mica lifted his shirt and a massive scar from a wolf bite covered the left side of his torso. "Geez." Wil and Thom looked on in amazement. Mica looked down and back at his friends "Yeah. Dad and my brothers wouldn't let the wolf drag me away but I could hardly breathe. I would have died in that field if Gift hadn't healed me."   "Wil! Wil!" the four could hear Wil's mom calling from the Tavern. "Wil!"   Everyone got up from the table. The market had already quieted down for the evening. The streets weren't full of people. The blacksmith shop was quiet too. They ran back between the buildings and up the street toward their houses. Mica and Bridgette veared off to a house on the left. "See you tomorrow!" Bridgette called. Thom and Wil waved. Thom stepped up to a door on the right "See ya Wil".   Wil ran to the last building on the street. His mom was standing under the porch of the tavern. "Wil Holmes it is about time you got here. Let's get you some dinner."


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