The Catnip Gang

by Andaya


While Gift Of Dead Birds is the de-facto leader of The Catnip Gang due to their size, growing capacity, opposable thumbs, and ability to speak common, they are not largely involved with the day-to-day operations.   The Catnip Gang is really run by MoonPie and Zipper, longtime cat companions of Gift.   MoonPie, as a Reference Cat, is the brains of the operation. His long and fluffy tuxedo-patterned fur is always sleek and shiny for a cat with an obsession with knocking objects off shelves and dipping his paws into everything for a smell or taste. His skills as a reference cat are especially useful for the Catnip operation as he can accurately sense the distance and quantity of any order.   The Caligreyhound Zipper has features that also help her run Catnip. Her keen intelligence, ability to use magic items, and general curiosity for magic have honed her alchemical abilities to manufacture the Catnip and other products. Her eye for magical items means The Catnip Gang also deals in the purchase, trade, or care of any and all magical items.   As the Catnip business expands, more cats join the trade across the Anhult Forest. They loosely align into three main roles.   City Cats may not be in every town, but there's always a network in more populous areas. These cats know the ins and outs of their city, often intelligent enough to take orders and deliver products. These cats may be the smallest or most spoiled, but they largely make up for this by staying under humanoid protection. With this comes the advantages of understanding common (though they may choose to employ selective hearing) and various arcane abilities.   Frontier Felines are slightly larger and stronger than their city counterparts, often working primarily as barn cats or mousers. Keen tracking senses means that they may be found protecting their settlement from unwelcome rodents, fae, undead, or other small intruders along with their delivery duties.   Deep-Woods Delivery is run by the larger cats who are less suited for humanoid interaction and better equipped to survive in the wilds. Their size, speed, and camouflage make them perfect for safe long-distance delivery and keeping an eye out for any strange goings-on in the forest.

Public Agenda

The Cats have broken bad!    The Cats of Montsilt are successfully running a drug operation in exchange for magical goods. The Cats are especially good at supplying natural and magical poultices, psychedelics, spell components, antiseptics, intoxicants, enhancements, and more under the nose of major government leaders. They also seem to have a curiosity for magic artifacts, including cursed and dangerous items. This means the Cats are also great at delivering all manners of small packages, for a price.    If you need it, The Cats can probably get their paws on it.
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The Cats
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