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Ruinous Haibun

My 1st Wildlands one-shot is published! Check Out Mystery of Thorngage Manor

Written by George Sanders

In the United States, April is National Poetry Month. But regardless of where you're located, it's always a good time to write and celebrate the art of poetry. To celebrate poetry month, the Storytelling Collective team hosted a challenge. Write a poem a day for 2 weeks.


I wrote 14 Haibuns!


The best part is the Storytelling Collective will produce an anthology of submitted poetry, to be published and promoted on DriveThruFiction! I need to pick 3 of the Haibuns to submit. To vote select the boxes with the Haibun titles on the right.


Which Haibuns do you think I should submit?


All of these poems relate to the discoveries, lore, and inscriptions in my Adventure April One Shot! After you vote, check out my submission to the April Adventure Challenge:



Apr 1 - Immortals

Immortal beings fly overhead. Their opulent power sends the world cowering. Storms swirl but no lightning lands. Wicked winds joke but take no opportunity to harm.   Gasping for fresh air
Silence, a moment too long
Then a new born cry  

Apr 2 - Depths

The Depths' weight grows with each step. Oppressive rock and stale air implores an escape. Ignore fear and press ahead. Seek the ancients of earth until the torch falters   Across a chasm
Thin stone stretches to a door
Race to the portal  

Apr 3 - Cracks

Faults crack thru rock. Where they intersect new frays appear. The ancient gears lurch when brought close to a fray. Powered by the indulgence of the earth   The mighty door swings
Grinding stone spins, buildings fly
Whistle and whirling  

Apr 4th - Warning

Young ones, bring your attention. The threat looms. Pick up your sword and shield. We slay our dragon or disappear. Follow the leader's red scepter.   Red crystal beams bright
Inside malevolence grows
No one knew the truth  

Apr 5th - Resistance

Come out of the quiet, warriors. Feed your hunger! All must fight. Cross the border. All will fall before us. Glory will follow you in the afterlife.   Resistance struggles
No deficit believing
in defense and peace  

Apr 6th - Puzzle

Light filters through windows in the grand hall, sixty feet under ground. The inscription reads, the door can not open until the Spring begins anew.   World in disorder
Settled seasons are the key
Cold, hot, wet or dry  

Apr 7th - Elocution

Try reading the inscription. Elocution matters as the panes of glass swirl from fall leaves and fish to spring greenery and flowers.   Damik and Tamil
Opposed Winter and Summer
Raging as brothers

Apr 8th - Chair

The slow pace offers endless discovery in the ruins. Each bookshelf, every table, stacks of barrels and chests filled with ancient knowledge.   The wily chair waits
Soon the researchers will tire
When they sit, it feasts  

Apr 9th - Artifacts

Skilled hands scoured the ruins again. Artifacts left in mint condition due to static pressure. The history of the hegemony within reach.   Direct memory past
Books, scrolls, and engravings last
Truth still overcast  

Apr 10th - Rain

The storm exceeded the leaves' capacity. Raindrops pushed through the canopy. Drenched in chaos, the only choice to move forward.   The trail seemed direct
Dark, rain, thunder had an effect
Lost, the trip wrecked  

Apr 11th - Bloom

The brilliant bloom's yellow implied it was worth a look twice. Tendrils wrapped tight and pulled close. Constricted and content due to a sweet scent.   Have to awaken
Mindless existence beckons
Rip, pull, tear, shaken  

Apr 12th - Decay

The ancient repository did not speak of decay. Like so many civilizations, they coped by proclaiming glory. The seed of their future lost.   A stained glass panel
flickers with light. Would you like
Fries with your order?  

Apr 13th - Propoganda

After the invasion, the Great Wyrm hunted them. Its unquenchable hunger set upon every city. Citizen and soldier fought, traitors fled to it among trees.   Seek the silvered one
Bring its storm, put down evil
Bud of renewal  

Apr 14th - Lost

As the hours passed by, there was no sign of the destination. Could have waited for the guide but it's sunk cost now. And which way is back?   fog, damp leaves I fear
sunflowers and daisies please
peek around the tree

Using Twitter

As a part of this project I used the daily word prompts from the VSSCollab, #Bravewrite, and #Inkmine for inspiration. I tweeted each Haibun and put them together as a Thread


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Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder


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