Livestream: Mystery of Thorngage Manor

One Shot RPG Adventure to Introduce the Anhult Wildlands

Few have dared to venture close to the old settlement. That's due to the rumors. Rumors that something watches you as you walk around the central path between the buildings. Stories are told by parents that children disappear who venture through the woods and go too close to Thorngage Manor. A few adventurers have declared they were heading to get the treasures but have not been heard from since they embarked on their mission. Perhaps they found the treasure and headed off to their retirement in some Southern city...or perhaps not.

A new band of adventurers is traveling to Etonia on the way to the Etonia Fish and Biscuit Rally but along the way they uncover the mystery and hidden threats in Thorngage Manor. Join them for peek into the deep forest of the Anhult Woodlands with an actual play ttrpg livestream on Monday April 26th at 8pm EDT.

This event is part of the #AdventureApril challenge on WorldAnvil.

Livestream Details


Ragexkagexrugger channel on Twitch


Monday April 26th starting at 8pm EDT


Dungeon Master:
George Sanders (twitter)


Heather as Socelia (twitter)
Gilly as Dahlia (twitter)
James as Borascus
Pauline as Arpeggio
Matt as Dorian


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