Written by George Sanders

As the sun climbed up to its highest point in the sky a bell would ring in the town. The younger children, around 12 and younger, would get to take a break from their work. They would run to the town hall. A table with lunch was always set. They would clamor around the table grabbing plates, food, and drink. Lavani would phase out of the giant tree in the courtyard. As everyone settled into chairs she would tell them a story and give a lesson for the day. Occasionally someone would lag behind or be busy with another task. Lavani would send one of the cats, Pumpkin or Moonpie to go get them.


Today, in her story, she spoke of a man. "He took his family to live in the woods. Him and his wife found a peaceful place on a mountain. Away from the burdens of their past. They had three children. The years were good. As the man reached old age, his wife passed away. Then when he was ready to do the same he called the children together. You must look after the youngest, promise me that. The two oldest promised. As a few more years passed, the oldest wanted to go to the city. He left. The two younger siblings had to fend for themselves. They were not able to grow enough food thru the summer and fall. They watched what the animals of the forest did. Scavanging after wolves and tracking rabbits and deer in the snow. One day in the spring as the younger siblings were out hunting, they ran into the older sibling. He waved but they did not recognize him and continued on their way through the forest."


"What does that story say to you?" Lavani asked the children. There were about a dozen children there. About half answered...


Bridgette blurted out "Stick with your family!"


One shared "Everyone gets old."


Another added "Respect the forest and it will provide for you."


Another put his head on the table and said "There is always a lot of work."


Wil said "Don't let the burdens of the past keep you from peace."


Lavani looked at Wil, "All very interesting" she affirmed to everyone.


"What does it mean?" Bridgette asked.


"Oh, it is what you can find in it. When you believe in something you give it power so make it something good. That was a fairy tale from long ago. Now, let's finish up lunch and tell me your favorite champion."


Bridgette was first to answer again "Supheli of course."


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Sage Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
10 Jun, 2021 19:44

Aww, such a lovely story. It made me smile. :)

Author of Ealdwyll, a fantasy world full of mystery.
Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
11 Jun, 2021 20:55

Yay! It was fun writing - imaging the clamor, filling in gaps on a fairy tale I vaguely remember, and how would children respond.

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