Mercy Tyr

Written by George Sanders

Mercy doesn’t know how to get back to her home. She is barely 3 feet tall with a slender form. Her hair is colored purple but she will randomly try other colors as she has time. She wears rugged black and purple armor that does not cover her arms. Her arms are covered with arcane tattoos. Her body is her spellbook. She was rescued like the other refugees in town. Once she was free she immediately joined the fight.

“Before I go headlong into death’s doorstep with you all, I want to know if you are smart brave, or crazy brave.” -Mercy


In Monsilt she has connected with Haral, the blacksmith. He listens to her stories and wonderings while he works and she enjoys someone to talk to. She can't remember where she is from. She knows it is a monastery or library, something like that. She remembers the people in the library are the books. They have tattoos that people from the court come to read. One time Oberon came to read about Mercy's spells but that is all she can remember.


She knows she is one of the decoys. When the library is threatened or someone hostile approaches it becomes invisible. 4 Runners are sent out to distract the intruder. That is usually enough to protect the library. It also has the capability to teleport. That takes a lot of energy though and is used as a last resort. Mercy knows the library returns for its runners, she just has to wait for them to recharge.



While she waits she has been helping Lavani with small missions. She set up an automated production system with Haral. They are making weapons and armor for Etonia. She tells Haral every day she appreciates the place to stay and steady work to pass the time. She is nosy about everyone else when she is not casting spells. Asking things like ‘how can Lavani see that many people in one day?’, ‘what could she possibly talk about?’, 'did you see Yelsin went into the bathhouse again?'. When customers come in she makes signs that say ‘we are busy, you need to wait, ‘talk to the hand’, and on any debate, she will try to show her vast knowledge.


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