Written by George Sanders

21st day after the spring cross-quarter,   I took my oath of devotion and trained at the Auguston Citadel because I wanted to protect what was precious, warm, and beautiful in the world. It seemed unjust that those positive things were so often trampled by those interested only in money, power, or control. On my first mission, I got captured by a cult, thrown in a dark closet for weeks, dragged to a dungeon for who knows how long, then eventually I fought my way to the surface with Ardelis, Gift, and their band of warriors after they found me chained to a wall.   I had kept my faith in my god that whole time until I was struck down in a battle on the way to the surface. I can remember it vividly. The world went dark, then I was just standing. Standing in a dark and empty place, nothing happening, until Murmur revived me.   In the darkness, there was no one to greet me. My god was not there to take me to the afterlife. I was shaken. I barely had the strength to continue fighting. My head hurt constantly. I wondered if I was broken and not surprisingly I could not summon the light of my faith. I saw Supheli have a vision of faith. Her faith was connected to something real. Mine was empty, maybe it always had been. I was jealous of Supheli.   Ardelis told me that this was something I needed to figure out. That reminded me of Canna. Back at the Citadel a gentle monk would come and watch me train every day. I would join her in a tree for lunch whenever I could. The moments with her became the focus of my day. Near the time I was to go on my first mission, she said “I’ve been watching you day after day. You talk about your power coming from your god but I think it is coming from you.” I had laughed at her. I did not believe Ardelis either but he kept trying.   As I walked with Ardelis, Gift and the others I did regain some of the power of my faith. We were walking to their home through an enormous forest. I really had no idea where in the world we had come out of the dungeon. As we reached the community they called home, I stood on the edge of the forest and closed my eyes. I stepped out slowly into a field. The sun was bright and warm as it peeked through tips of the forest canopy. I stood there absorbing the rays from the sun but felt something new. I spun around slowly listening to the field. I could feel growth and warmth coming from the field, all around me. Later that day I met Lavani, the forest spirit that lead and protected the community.   Her presence was inspiring, certainly, but it was at that moment in the field that I realized I had already been rebuilding my own power and I could direct it. My new friends helped me along on this journey. Lavani provided an unending pool of support but I have worked my way back myself. I feel a more substantial connection to my god again. I might be up to praying to him tomorrow. I am still A'trea Lightbringer.


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