The forest calls to me when I am away   How I long to return and walk under the trees   I fulfill my role another day and wonder how long I have to stay     My duty used to be urgent and clear   All hands were needed, but the goals were short sighted   Still I came, voices called out that the fight was near     But they didn't need another pair of hands   And weren't much different in the end   Even a victory doesn't change where it all stands     The forest calls to me when I am away   How I long to return and walk under the trees   I put down my sword, the forest calls to me, I know my way

Word Study and Theory

Head Master Avast
Adjunct Master Trill

Page 241 from Collections of Wanderers

Attribution: Unknown

Age Estimate: 10-15yrs ago

Manuscript, Literature

Background: The form and phrasing of the first paragraph has been found in several poems written during the time period of the document. The author was likely a soldier from Etonia that returned to the region after a war. This document was found far to the south where the city-states of Pelinon fought against the most militant of their factions in a bloody uprising. The description of the forest caught the attention of scholars from Etonia who brought it to the Avast library 5 years ago. The document is worn but in relatively good shape. It is attached to page 241 and preserved with a minor ward.

Assignment: In the study of magic the order and placement of words magnifies the effect, the study of poetry can help your hone your skill. Please describe in the comments section below your interpretations of the author's view of the world and his journey. Headmaster Avast will collect your analysis upon your exit of the classroom.


Author's Notes

This article is part of the Storytelling Collective's April Daily Poem challenge, 30 days of poetry. As with all #StoCo challenges, this is a no-pressure writing challenge intended to be fun and stimulating. If you are inspired to share use the tag #AprilDailyPoem. After you log in to World Anvil to leave your comment below, follow the Anhult Wildlands and I'll send you a notification as I complete additional poems.

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