Creative Process for Summer Camp 2021

Written by George Sanders

Writing and Design

  1. Make an new article, add some general notes or outline, I am not using the side bar
  2. Aim to keep heading to 3-5 words
  3. Pick a header image (maybe put summer camper sticker on header!)
  4. Add subheading text - particularly use related locations, events, names like tags
  5. Write
  6. Complete the Design sections
    • Excerpt: 31 worldbuilding prompts in 31 days. Today the prompt is...
    • Page Title: <Same as Heading> | Anhult Wildlands
    • Page Descriptions: <same as excerpt>
    • CSS: see this article's css section for code to copy. Use double lines under headings, drop letters, paper effect for quotes or documents
    • Set Icon
  7. Complete the Navigation sections
    • Shorten Article Slug
    • Add Subheading: <Related to Page Description>
    • Set the Previous and Next Articles
  8. Check the author box under preferences


  1. Add a pitch to book writing and patreon in the footer
  2. Review the text for the audience(s)
  3. Generate Facebook/Instagram Blurb
  4. Generate Twitter Blurb #worldbuilding
  5. Hashtags: #WAsummercamp #writing #fantasy #flashfiction #cottagecore #pastoral
  6. Post!
  7. Review Twitter list to quote retweet 3 other posts and like all WA posts. Review WA Facebook group and page.

Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder


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