2 quarters and 3 pennies is how much?
That is, let me think, 53.


1 dime, 3 nickels, and a 1 penny, how much is that?
10 plus 15 - 20 - 25 and one more 26!


Now let's make change
Uh, aren't we done yet.


If I give you $1.00 and the candy costs 87 cents what is the change?
What do you mean?


What coins do I get back?
Oh. How do I do that again?


Count up 1-2-3 to 90 and then 10 more to 100.
That's backwards.


No that's change.

Lesson Transcript

by Eddy the Hand

Lesson Notes taken from The Mathematics Primer 15th edition

Attribution: Headmaster Avast

Age Estimate: 6 years

Record, Transcript (Communication)

Background: Eddy is one of the magical hands that is tasked with transcribing class notes so students can focus on the information they are learning. The notes are then available after the class for study. That can lead to some comical documents as the young students try to build their craft. This student, Supheli Rend, was not particularly interested in the lesson that day. The sage was trying to teach the counting of money using an archaic coin system. The emphasis in lessons is that the mathematics is universal so whatever counting system is used, students can navigate standard mathematical methods.


Author's Notes

This article is part of the Storytelling Collective's April Daily Poem challenge, 30 days of poetry. As with all #StoCo challenges, this is a no-pressure writing challenge intended to be fun and stimulating. If you are inspired to share use the tag #AprilDailyPoem. After you log in to World Anvil to leave your comment below, follow the Anhult Wildlands and I'll send you a notification as I complete additional poems.

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