Blessing of the Community

Written by George Sanders

On the second night of any full moon, families with a young child appoaching the age of 4 would travel to one of 5 revered sites in the forest. Other families would do the same so most months a community of families would gather to perform a special ritual.


The People of the forest were hunter-gatherers now but one hundred years ago they lived in large cities. The entire civilization was cursed by a demon and torn apart by the demon's plotting and web of lies. The survivors believed the only way to rid their people of this curse was to not let their children touch the ground until they were 4 years old and blessed by the community. They believed this break in the taint of the demon would eventually allow the people be free of the curse.


The reason for this age of four and what the blessing actually did has been lost to time. The People continued this ritual for several generations. It seemed to work and many families grew in size. About a decade ago, something started taking people in the forest. Hunters would go missing. Families stopped going to the revered sites as more people disappeared when they were clumped together. When a few children were taken, many families started moving today the coast.


There are still a few determined families in the forest but most have gathered in the city of Etonia. The council greated The People with open arms and gave them training and housing. The migration of The People continued for nearly a decade driven by the disappearances. Some felt the demon had returned and the Blessing of the Community had not been successful. Some thought something new was lurking in the forest. The tradition is only practiced now in families with the most traditional of Grandmothers who direct family members.

Cover image: Forest During the Daytime by Tim Mossholder


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