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Hailing from the volatile continent of Kolkakla and descending from the ancient Techkeepers of the Manakin society, the Dwari have always been the toughest and most innovative of all the races. Their worship of the god of innovation, Thungri allows them to manipulate the magic of Shyka (Shock), Ergo (Earth), and Congli (Time) to further create and innovate for the betterment of their society.

Ancient Dwari

After the event that created the Rift and ridded the world of the Manakin, the early Dwari (Proto-Dwari) were born from the non-magical remains of the Techkeepers. These Dwari would live normally in a tribal society, easily discovering technologies such as smithing but struggling to discover agriculture which would force the Dwari to remain as nomadic hunter gatherers. After many generations of this lifestyle, the Dwari finally discovered agriculture in the form of controlled mushroom growing in nearby caves. This new discovery allowed the Dwari to settle down as a species and quickly invent in a flurry usually described as the "Dwari Golden Age". This golden age would all come crashing down when Kolkakla reached its current position upon the crust of Anerion. The cataclysmic earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, and other geological events would tear down the now hyper-advanced cities of the Dwari. After this collapse, the "Dwari Dark Age" would truly begin.

The Dwari Dark Age

  Led by an intelligent Dwari farmer named Hendrin, the only surviving Dwari would have to relearn or recreate all elements of the old Dwari society. All these surviving Dwari would be farmers, as the farmers were working within the caves, allowing them to easily survive in the caves of Kolkakla. These less intelligent working class Dwari would quickly make Hendrin the High King and he would easily implement wide changes to the small group of Dwari. He would set up the early Klans of the Dwari, being The Forgebound , the The School of Magic and Engineering, The Brewers of the Golden Hearth, and The Gunpowder Forgers. These four factions were each led by the most knowledgable and powerful Dwari other than the High King Hendrin. Leading The Forgebound was Ergoth Earthshaker, the only Ergo mage of the group. Leading the The School of Magic and Engineering was Cong Lin, the only Congli mage with the group, leading The Brewers of the Golden Hearth was the lead engineer of the previous brewing operation, Wela Warmheart. Finally, The Gunpowder Forgers were led by a retired engineer turned farm guard named Yundri Steelguard who was knowledgable on Dwari weaponry and could reverse engineer them from his own rifle. High King Hendrin would also discuss public services with the Klan leaders and with their assistance add taxes, currency, standardized writing, and equal food rationing.

The Dwari Onwards

  From this point onwards, the Dwari would continue to grow their society, eventually managing to construct ships as a plan for a great migration of Dwari to discover a new, better homeland. Though, some Dwari saw this as a betrayal and would remain loyal to living on Kolkakla. These first Dwari expeditions out into the unknown would discover The Isles of Glakrud and Tillanar. The Dwari who reached The Isles of Glakrud would simply set up mining operations on the islands and maintain a small population of Dwari. The Dwari who discovered Tillanar however would quickly return to Kolkakla to tell the High King Hendrin of their discovery. The now old High King Hendrin would take the voyage to Tillanar with his most adept warriors on The Royal Dwari Cruiser. On this journey, the Dwari would meet many early Human tribes and greet them with kindness and gifts. Many of the Humans would see the Dwari as gods in their full metallic armor giving gifts of foreign technology to the primitive tribes. Because of this, the Dwari unknowingly caused a split within the people of humanity. About a quarter of humanity would leave Tillanar, about half would remain allied with the Dwari as an early form of The Empire of Tillanar and the rest would move north and form the beginnings of the "Icebringers", a highly xenophobic group of Agra-weilding warriors.

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Genetic Ancestor(s)
80-90 years
Average Height
4 feet
Average Weight
46 kg
Geographic Distribution
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Subspecies of the Dwari

  • Froki - Frost Dwari
  • Kol-Dwari - Dark Dwari
  • Deriti - Desert Dwari
  • Markin-Dwari - Mountain Dwari
  • Floki - Plains Dwari (Xlandian Dwari)

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