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The Formation of Aldersglade

Aldersglade was previously part of the "super-continent" known as Manamar that existed until about 100,000,000 PR. Once the split occurred, the continent would drift apart from Xlandia, Tillanar, and Kolkakla until it would land in its current position. About 2,000,000 years ago the continent reached the southern location it is today. It is strongly believed that the largest citadels of the ancient Manakin existed on the land that now makes up Aldersglade, leading to the continent having by far the highest amount of mana reservoirs compared to the rest of Anerion.  

Emergence of Magic

  Due to the exposure to mana and changing temperatures, the flora and fauna would rapidly evolve with magical mutations. This is how many of the common alchemical ingredients of Anerion were first formed. As an additional side affect of mana runoff in drinking water, the early Aelfen tribes would develop mages at an increased rate compared to any other species at the time and because of the increased amount of magical materials on the continent, focuses were easier to make allowing for more magic using non-mages. This is when magic became the cornerstone of Aelfen culture it is today, with many Aelfs relying on magical prowess to survive instead of tools and many Aelfs specifically seeking out mages to mate with for the best chance of their offsprings survival. This is partially what lead to the increased quantity of Aelfen mages, in contrast to the Dwari where mages were not trusted, leading to less Dwari mages being born.    

The War of Dark and Light

  It is commonly known that the Aelfs have had many conflicts among one-another, usually over magic. An example of this was the early conflicts of the Aelfen tribes. These tribes were loosely knit groups led by powerful mages of a certain magical type. These mages usually escluded other magic types and in some cases despised the other kinds of mages. The greatest example of this would be the magic types of Wyd and Vidaar and their early hatred for one another. This hatred eventually led to the War of Dark and Light. It is obvious why such a conflict would occur, as the two magic types are complete opposites of one another, one representing life and one representing death. Vidaar mages were despised by most in early Aelfen society for their need to kill in order to continue controlling their powers. This led to the Wyd mages becoming protectors and healers to the people, keeping them safe from the groups of Vidaar mages. At night, these Wyd mages would create huge orbs of light to keep back the darkness and death their opponents brought with them. Eventually many Vita mages would join into the conflict on the side of the Wyd mages, wanting to prolong the life of the nature they controlled rather than kill it. At this point, the Vidaar mages were extremely outnumbered and despised by their people. To end the conflict, the Aelfen god Rya would create a mana projection to speak with the warring Aelfs and explain the importance of all the Aelfen magics. Aelfs were made the way they were to mirror the ancient Naturekeepers of Manakin society, meaning that keeping a balance of life and death was important. If the Wyd mages were to kill the Vidaar mages, they could not complete the holy goal of nature preservation set for them. After this godly message, the groups would cease conflict, but they would never trust one another ever again.  

Aldersglade Today

  At the current date, Aldersglade has been united under the Aelfen conclave to fight in the raging Xlandian conflict. Though as the fighting continues, more and more Aelfs yearn for their previous isolationism. Though, being the only major power other than the humans still fighting means that surrendering could result in the Empire taking over Xlandia and destroying the all important nature to fuel their industry. Not to mention that the struggling Aelfen economy currently only functions through stolen supplies from Empire supply lines. To the Aelfs of Xlandia, war has become a necessary constant, leading to more Vidaar mages being accepted back into society. With plenty of death needed, the mages wouldn't struggle to satiate their hunger for death. But back on Aldersglade, many say there is a dark time coming.


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