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Andromedian History

In Development: The Mesolithic

Created by

Migrating from the unsuccessful platform of Fandom, Andromedian History is hoping to find a new and welcoming home in World Anvil!   Andromedian History (AH) is a project I started around three years ago that sought out to combine my love of history and passion for writing. The concept was relatively simple: Create a hyper-realistic history of a fictional human civilization living in the Andromeda galaxy. I'm not talking about some colonizing force, I'm talking about humans actually originating from the Andromeda galaxy. There is a whole reason for this, but it is a long story that involves a much earlier work of fiction I had developed.   Previously, on the wiki I made for AH, there were two sections. There was the section set in ancient history, and the section set in the sci-fi future. Instead of developing two different sections (each with like 3000 years of history separating them), I'm going to be starting from the very beginning and work my way to where I have ended this history. It will be a long journey, to say the least.   So what will you find in AH? This is my attempt to create a fully functioning human history, completely out of the influence of literary purpose. I want AH to read and feel like you're on Wikipedia reading about real history, albeit completely fictional. Note that AH is starting out from the beginning of human civilization, so if you find the Earth humanity's history Neolithic-Iron Age dull and uninteresting, then sadly AH is not for you just yet.