Wizards, or songweavers, have a trained gift that goes beyond the natural talent of other Andrawyn residents. They usually use and change the basic magic at a very early age. As soon as puberty sets in, the training of the magical talent should begin, or you risk this magic breaking out of control.

Unlike intuitive songweavers, a wizard must learn to weave the strands of the song to form their spells. This form of song-crafting requires a strict ritual comprising three components. One is a formula that tunes the wizard's mind to the song itself. The second is a material focus, which serves to channel the magic with an appropriately manipulated object. The third component is the gesture, which serves to weave the strands of the song together.

The training usually takes at least five years and begins as soon as the young wizard reaches puberty. It can take place either with another wizard or in an academy. At the end of this training, a corresponding character is a level ten wizard. Characters who are actively played are self-taught or have a training mage on the side. In a pure mage group, the entire group can also belong to an academy.

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