Turai Tribes

The Turai tribes live in the north of Eivrune, west of the Dragon Tooth Mountains. For centuries, these tribes have maintained a nomadic way of life, following the migrations of the Turine mustangs.

The Turai tribes are a group comprising about 15 known tribes. Each tribe comprises five to ten different families. The heads of the tribe change every five years. Outside this cycle, the hierarchy only changes when the tribesmen cannot hunt enough prey.

For defence, each tribe has a so-called Fanalle, a group of 5-6 warriors who protect the tribe and serve as scouts. The Fanalle are also the first people strangers get in touch with when they want to contact the tribe.

We consider the Turai an exceedingly hardy people who use the Turine mustangs not only as a source of meat but also to find water. The western side of the Dragon Tooth Mountains, especially in the north, is extremely dry and colder than the rest of the continent because of polar winds from the north. The tribes' way of life is adapted to the weather and aridity of the region.

Many tribes keep one of the mustang herds as mounts, as well as a source of meat and milk. Although the tribes trade both the meat and the milk, rarely is a live animal sold. If one is traded, it is only to someone the tribe's trust.

The tribes live secluded from so-called civilisation, but they make bone jewellery which they used to barter with the settled peoples.

Traditionally, the Turai tribes meet only twice a year for an event they call Kathei. They usually perform marriages and betrothals at the Kathei, so that any member of the tribe can attend and be a witness. Family and partnership are sacred and inviolable to the Turai, but marital fidelity is not part of it. That Turai women often have several husbands makes the tribes considered "savages" in the eyes of many civilised peoples.

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