The Lost Valleys

Long ago, before chaos was unleashed on the world, the Bloodstone Mountains were a densely populated area. We considered the valleys there centres of civilisation, knowledge and learning. Many of the valleys contained famous temples, magical universities and a lively cultural life. When the elves opened a portal into the Void, creatures of chaos poured into the world, bringing with them a wave of wild, untamed magic.

This wave hit the Bloodstone Mountains and spread up the coast, distorting the land and engulfing much of the valleys. This loss set back the civilisations of Eivrune for centuries. This loss created hundreds of different myths surrounding the lost valleys and the treasures of those valleys.

The mists of oblivion

Even from afar, you can see the mists that cover the eastern coast of the mountains, constantly changing shape and showing the observer something different every minute. Some see golden towers, and others only dark, decaying ruins. Legend says that these mists show the viewer what once lay there. Reason says that the wild magic that reigns there constantly changes the land and shows only illusions.

Yet, many have gone into the mists, and even when they returned, they could not remember what they had found there. All that remained present was the memory of rock passages that supposedly stretch beneath the entire mountain range. Whether they are real remains doubtful.

Subterranean temples

Despite all the doubts, the legend of the rock passages is spreading, and sprouting even more blossoms. In recent years, the rumour has spread that there are vast temples full of undiscovered treasures beneath the mountains. This myth continues to attract treasure hunters who venture into the mists - and often disappear there forever.

The myth says that there are elemental guardians there who only allow the worthy and those of pure heart into the temples.

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21 Aug, 2021 22:23

I really wonder what the truth could be of what lies in the mists. I'm not surprised that people rarely return, though.

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