The Bard

Without a doubt, the bard is one of the most respected and prestigious professions in the world. However, one should never forget that bards are also the ones who can do the most damage. Unlike the magicians who access the song, use its strands and notes to work their magic, the bard intervenes directly. What he tells or conceals influences the course of the world in more than one way.
Nevertheless, I have no doubt that a capable bard who has set himself the right goals deserves all the honor and respect that can be mustered. Who else could tell the world what it is? In my opinion, we should not forget that all power that can be used for good - or to maintain balance - also has its potential for the other side of the scale. In terms of balance, this is probably even unavoidable.
— Mihai Manouches, High Mage of the Order



The bard training starts later than in most other professions. Only when the voice break in the young men has been completed can the actual training of the voice into an instrument of its own begin and last seven years from this point on. Nevertheless, much younger children are often admitted to bard schools. In this case, training begins on the instruments and it comes as no surprise to anyone that such educated children are usually much more solid in their knowledge.
It is therefore not possible to say exactly when training should begin. One starts at seven, the next at seventeen.

Career Progression

A young bard spends the first two years of his formal vocal training alongside a fully trained bard and learns the basics of his future trade. Depending on his tendencies, he then joins one of the various bard schools and spends another five years there with intensive study of the song and the legends of the world. The end of his training is the bard festival, which also includes the examination to decide whether or not the apprentice is considered a bard in the future.

Payment & Reimbursement

Bards in Andrawyn earn their living in a variety of ways. Some of them serve as guardians of knowledge in a temple of the Nys and therefore live from the community and the donations that are given to the temple. Others work for the nobles in the various countries or larger communities, and receive a fixed wage there. Still others earn their living in bard schools by dedicating themselves to the education of younger bards. Finally, there are also travelling singers and storytellers who offer their art for dinner and some copper coins to collect further knowledge on their travels.

Other Benefits

Besides payment, the highest wage received by bards is the recognition of society. It is well known that the bards are in the service of Nys and make sure that the old legends are not forgotten. Having a bard in town or even a bard school in the next town is considered highly desirable for any settlement.



Bards are not only for the entertainment of the people, even if that is part of their job. Above all, they are responsible for collecting and preserving the legends and knowledge of the world and incorporating it into the song of creation. In many rural communities, they also replace priests and are responsible for determining the right time for a feast or sowing.

Social Status

The social status of a bard is very high. When he works in a temple, his rank corresponds to that of ordained priest. In other places, of course, there are different ranks, which are equal to those of the bard. However, it is always and exclusively higher ranks that are associated with great social prestige.


Although bards are so desperately needed, there aren't many of them. About one in a thousand people is a bard or has the talent to be trained to be one. That makes them about as rare as mages.

Alternative Names
Lorekeepers, Chronists
Highly Demanded
Honored and protected by law


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