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Why are you here?

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If you didn't come up to this article on purpose, you probably tried to see content specifically for my supporters.

Andrawyn has been growing steadily for over two years and I have put a lot of time, money and energy into it. To finance all this and to produce more content I depend on your support.

To pay tribute to these supporters and also to offer a return on the money they have invested in this world, there are some articles that are only available to them.

Even more complex content such as adventures, classes and races are not freely accessible. They cost me a lot of work, and I save you this time.

What will you get?

Benefits of supporting

Advanced Lore

As a supporter you get access to in-depth lore content. This content mainly describes secrets, rumors and other things that give the world more depth and illuminate backgrounds more clearly. Short stories are also part of the advanced lore and are only accessible for supporters.

Certain articles that deal completely with the lore of the world are also only available to supporters.

Pathfinder Content

A large part of my time is spent creating content for Pathfinder. This includes races, cultures, classes, organizations and backgrounds. Additionally I create different rule adaptions and convert content from other roleplaying systems. My rules and the statblocks are published under the Open Game License 1.0a, and may be used by you as a basis for your own content.

Additionally I create Gothic Horror Adventures that can be used with the Pathfinder system. All this rule content is only available for my supporters.


Many articles on buildings and places, countries and regions are and will be illustrated with maps. These maps are only available for supporters and are available in different sizes for use at the gaming table or in virtual tabletops.

These maps may not be distributed or published elsewhere, but may be used for personal purposes.

What do you pay for?

What happens with your money?

Goal 1: Cover fixed coasts

Creating the content for this world and hosting the world costs money. My first goal is to cover these fixed costs through support. In total, 75€ per month are necessary for this. This covers the hosting, as well as the software and all other costs associated with the world.

Goal 2: Hire Artists for Artwork

The second step will be to switch from public domain images to artwork created specifically for the world. Currently I plan to do this mainly for Lore articles and expect costs of about 150€/article. It is planned to be able to commission two artworks a month.

Goal 3: Make it a Full Time Job

Everything beyond this amount contributes to earn my living with all this. If you include taxes and other charges, every 40€ over this amount will earn me an extra hour of time per month.

How to support Andrawyn

There are three different ways in which you can support Andrawyn and my work on it financially.


I do not offer a subscription on Ko-fi, but there is the possibility of a single small donation. This donation comes with access to 5 articles of your choice, so please don't forget to tell me the articles you are interested in and your username on World Anvil!


On Patreon there is the possibility to secure permanent access to the contents of the world. This means that Andrawyn is supported with a certain amount of money every month.

Different subscription tiers also give different access to the content. With $3 a month you can access the articles, but not the included statblocks. Starting at $5 you'll have full access to content relevant to players, such as races or classes. Full access to the world content is available for $10 per month.

Buy Me a Coffee

Buy Me a Coffee combines Ko-fi and Patreon Here you can either invest a small amount of money and get access to 7 articles of your choice or take a subscription. The difference is that Buy Me a Coffee only offers a full subscription for $10. However, you can also take a full subscription for one year and don't need a separate account.

In addition, over time there will be different packages that give full access to certain items. These include, for example, adventures or class packages, which consist of a class, a prestige class, possible spells and features, as well as an organization and the corresponding headquarters.


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