Solaya (So-lah-ja)

Solaya [So-lah-ja] is the sun of Andrawyn. From its characteristics, size and colour spectrum, Solaya is a twin of the earthly sun. They named the sun after the goddess of the same name, who represents healing and wealth.

The Solar System

Solaya’s solar system has six planets, Andrawyn included. Especially on Eivrune, people know these planets and observe them in the night sky with optical aids.

  • Madresh, named for its watery appearance, blue-green.
  • Kaladras, named for its fiery appearance, reddish-orange
  • Andrawyn, “the dream world”, blue-green and white
  • Samryn, “the dying one”, grey-red
  • Lashka, named after his brown appearance, brown and white
  • Rasarath, “guardian of winter”, grey-blue and black

We list the planets according to their distance from Solaya. Madresh, Kaladras, Andrawyn and Samryn are terrestrial planets, of which both Andrawyn and Samryn are in Solaya’s habitable zone.

Lashka and Rasarath are gas giants. Lashka is about the size of Jupiter, Rasarath is about the size of Saturn.


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21 Aug, 2021 22:42

I always like reading about solar systems. I particularly find it interesting that you describe Lashka in male terms.

Fabled Legend Davina
Susanne Lamprecht
14 Dec, 2021 14:25

Sorry for my late reply and thank you! Most of the planets are assigned to specific heroes or minor deities of the setting, so the people use the terms these characters go by.

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