Snowberries are knee-high bushes that grow sporadically above the tree line in the Bloodstone Mountains. The bushes themselves grow from a single trunk that divides into fine, very flexible branches. The leaves are dark green and appear to be coated with wax. The tips of the branches are covered with dense clusters of berries.

The fruits are about the size of grapes and have a color gradient from reddish-orange at the stem to reddish-purple at the other end of the berry. You can compare their taste to a sweet mixture of strawberries, raspberries and honey.

Regional distribution

So far, you can find snowberries only in the Bloodstone Mountains. You could easily confuse them with the deadly songberry, which is visually identical to the snowberry. The best way to distinguish both fruits is their regional distribution. Snowberries grow only above the tree line, while songberries are found only below it. If you only have the fruits available, the reversed color gradient of the songberries is a sure indicator.


In the areas next to the Bloodstone Mountains, songberries are extremely popular, especially with children. People use them to make juice, jams and cakes. Especially when bitter medicine has to be administered, the berries serve the purpose of getting the medicine into the patient more easily. Alchemists and priests have experimented with the berries as the basis of medicines and healing potions.

In regions far from the mountains, neither the fruits nor the goods made from them are available. Since the berries grow so high in the mountains, it is extremely dangerous to harvest large quantities of them.


Even above the snow line, the berries do not grow all year round. They bloom in the last days of autumn, when the flowers can be pollinated by the icy mountain winds. The fruits are then ripe in the last weeks of winter, which makes harvesting even more dangerous because of the extreme cold.


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21 Aug, 2021 21:47

I'm sure people have accidentally made songberry jam before. D: These sound delicious, and the description of them is pleasing. I like that the berries have a gradient.

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