Shadow Network

The Shadow Network is a mixture of secret service, police force and criminal organisation in Celestria.

The organisation was founded in 1585 TH when Celestria was repopulated by a group of adventurers and the old structures were rebuilt. To ensure the security of the young kingdom, the group decided to set up a secret service to keep an eye on and control the criminal underworld.

Over time, the Shadow Network evolved from this point into the largest criminal organization in Celestria, resulting in an extremely low crime rate. Today, members of the network sit unrecognised and in disguise as official representatives of the guild in the Celestria City Councils. Especially in Drachenruh, the guild monitors the red light district, protects the prostitutes and secures trade within the city.

To achieve this goal, the Shadow Network uses quite brutal methods. Unwanted pimping is punished, for example, by 33 knife stabs in the back. The city guards call such deaths as suicide and do not pursue them further. Even foreign assassins, thieves and other criminals do not have an easy time within Celestria, as the Shadow Network does not tolerate outsiders. Especially concerning the assassination, there are no cases in Celestria, as the Shadows' Code of Honor prohibits killing Celestrian citizens. Accordingly, foreign assassins who have chosen a celestrian citizen as their target are also exterminated.

Although there have been repeated attempts to curb the network's influence, these have not been successful so far, especially since no one knows exactly who belongs to the network. However, rumours say that the Queen directly controls and influences the organization. Though these rumours have not yet been confirmed or disproved, this makes the Shadows even more feared.

The rumours are based on the fact that there has never been anyone loyal to the Queen and the government who has had problems with the Shadows' network. At least nobody who could talk about it.

Don't get caught

Secret, Brotherhood
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Lord of Shadows
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