Riartho Cirecoal

High-Priest of Dalos Riartho Cirecoal (a.k.a. Ri)

Riartho was a high priest of Dalos, the god of fate and prophecy. He lived in the territory of today's Celestria and disappeared without a trace during the Dragon War.

In the chronicles, he is nicknamed "Priest-King", as he was the head of both the Dalos Church and the land that is now Celestria.

My lady,

it grieves me to see your rule trampled underfoot as these foreigners do. But have no fear, your cause is true, and the wrongful thing cannot stand up to it. I know, my queen, that you have resumed your search for the crown. I beg you to desist. One world was not ready then, and it is not ready now. There have been more prisons than you know.

I beg you, my beloved mistress, turn your thoughts, your pursuit, to other things. Turn your mind to the things that require your immediate attention. The time for this fight has not yet come.

Moreover, forgive me this cruelty, I beg you to keep this letter secret. Let me be lost and forgotten, like the things I have created. I will visit you, my lady when the time comes for me to return.

— A letter from Riartho to the Queen of Celestria

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Riartho is less known for its time as a ruler than for his prophecies and an artefact he created, the Waterbinder's Crown. Supposedly this crown allows absolute dominion over the waters and any being bound to these waters. It also allows to summon and ride a Colpach without allowing it to drown and eat the rider.

Morality & Philosophy

Riartho was a high priest of Dalos and blessed with the prophetic powers of second sight. His frequent prophecies were collected and written down by the Order. He was also absolutely committed to the Order and its ideals and insisted that all children and pregnant women of the Order be taken to safety in the run-up to the Dragon War. Not even he wanted to know the place itself, although his own wife was among the pregnant women.

There are many legends about Riartho, most of which claim that he simply disappeared with the crown and built himself a kingdom elsewhere that was not so burdened. Still, others claim that the Order itself had banished or killed him for his prophecies. Within the Order, however, there are two disputed prophecies among the chronists, from which it can be seen that he disappeared to protect the world and the Order from a greater evil. The second prophecy announces his return, in which chaos is to be finally defeated.

Lawful Neutral
Possibly died at the age of 40 (disappeared, death not confirmed)
Circumstances of Death
Disappeared without a trace during Dragon War
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Related Myths

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