Reversed Word Mania

Curse or Disease? Reverse Word Mania explained!

Reverse word mania, popularly known as word mania, is a mental illness that can occur suddenly and with no warning. Sufferers often start speaking backwards quickly and without pause in the middle of a sentence.

What is striking is the slow progression of the disease and its inconspicuous beginning. During the first period, it is only individual words or phrases that are pronounced backwards. In the disease's course, however, the condition worsens visibly until the patient can no longer speak normally. Missing pauses between words and sentences make communication almost impossible at this stage.

To date, it is unknown how the disease is transmitted or what factors can cause an outbreak. Reverse word mania has been a research focus for decades at the Drachenruh Sanatory, an institution specialising in mental illness.

"Reverse word mania is a disease that can occur without warning and affects both young and old people. We still don’t know how it is transmitted or which factors cause an outbreak.

— Sahida Phillips

The Word Mania was first reported shortly after the Dragon Wars. It appeared in what is now the Nynarian territories and was interpreted as a curse brought upon the people by the Daleha. In the course of the next centuries, however, the disease spread more and more, and did not even stop at the accused, which is why this theory is increasingly forgotten.

One of the strange peculiarities of word mania is the fact that the disease seems to affect only humans and gnomes. Elves and other long-lived peoples develop mild symptoms of the first phase, but overcome them within a few weeks.

Social class and origin, as well as basic health status, do not seem to have any influence on the development of the disease. However, it can be determined that the inhabitants of the border regions around Nynarios are more frequently affected than other population groups.

The chances of successful treatment increase the sooner they recognise the disease. Therefore, affected persons should consult the healer or priest they trust as soon as they notice abnormalities in their speech.

The Solaya Temple additionally provides healer priests who are familiar with word mania and accompany the therapy.

Potential Cure for Reverse Word Mania
Safina Wyrd

Although there is no recognised cure for Reverse Word Mania, there are various treatment options. Usually there is extensive therapy supplemented by relaxing potions and herbs.

In recent months, there has been extensive experimentation with a novel form of therapy. The so-called song-current therapy specifically exposes the patient to more intense magic currents. You can find these currents at historically important places, as well as at the sites of great tragedies.

These novel therapies have so far shown beneficial effects, especially in the severe cases of the disease. Within a few days, during which we expose the patient to a magnetic current for one hour at a time, the speed of speech improves massively.

It is currently impossible to say exactly what the long-term effects of exposing a person to these currents regularly will be. However, the risk seems acceptable to those who have volunteered for the experiments. This attitude is understandable, given the severe impact the disease has on life.


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6 Jul, 2021 11:53

Nice! A condition where the victim suffers speaking backwards. This is yllaer taerg!   ... uh oh ...   :D

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6 Jul, 2021 12:57

You should consider this new therapy, which might not cause any damage to you!

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What a terrifying condition. I assume they realise that everything is coming out backwards? I know sometimes, like with strokes, the patient doesn't realise what they are saying is nonsense.   The cure might not cause ill effects? Sign me up!

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Susanne Lamprecht
13 Jul, 2021 00:26

Thanks for your comment! Yes, they are realizing what's coming out of their mouth, which is why people fear this so much. For me that would be my personal horror!

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13 Jul, 2021 10:46

Yeah, that makes it worse!

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