Raissa Nadeira

Admiral Raissa Julianna Nadeira (a.k.a. Miss Admiral)

Raissa Julianna Nadeira is a scale carrier and admiral of the Celestria fleet. Since her official immigration 10 years ago, the fleet has not lost a major battle. Her speciality is silent and fast attacks out of the fog. For this, it usually uses the flagship of the Crown, the Ladies Revenge.

No one knows where Raissa comes from or why she came to Celestria. After her first meeting with the Queen, they appointed her first officer in Maderast and promoted to admiral over the course of five years. She continues to serve the Crown in this position to this day.

Her appointment as Admiral also ended the attacks of the Sapphire Pirates, who formally sought an alliance with Celestria shortly afterwards. No one can explain why the pirates stopped their attacks on Celestrian ships.

Heroine at sea

In the run-up to the war against Nynarios, there were repeated attacks on Celestria's port cities. They based the bulk of the fleet in Maderast, while the other port cities largely relied on the cliffs and reefs along the coast for shelter. After the initial attack, Raissa split up the fleet and move it to the deeper waters off the coast.

Miraculously, on the night of the next attack, dense fog rolled in from the coast, hiding among the defenders' ships. The attackers believed the gods were favouring them and steered their ships straight into the treacherous reefs off the Celestial coast.

In this trap, the Celestial fleet surprised them, and attacked them from behind. Raissa herself was the first to board the enemy flagship and capture its captain. He was imprisoned in Maderast, where he awaits trial.

Dark past

Ever since she was promoted to admiral, spies have been trying to find out about her past. So far, these efforts have proved futile. Raissa covers her tracks well, and the few people with whom she has regular contact refuse to testify. There are rumours she belonged to the pirates until she joined the navy.

Currently Boarded Vehicle
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Presented Sex
Sapphire Blue/Saphirblau
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white, freckles / Blass mit Sommersprossen
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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21 Aug, 2021 22:03

Ooo, a mysterious past. Intriguing. She sounds like she would be a great person to read a book about, and I like the kind of air of mystique that surrounds her.

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14 Dec, 2021 14:31

Thank you! If I ever write some sort of book (beware...) I will consider her as a main character!

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