Rainbow Fish Filets

The settlement of Madial north of Maderast is the only fishing port where rainbow squid can be caught. These fish, which are considered a delicacy throughout the region, are the primary source of income for the entire settlement.

They cut the fish into wafer-thin fillets while still on the cutter, which are rolled and then smoked. These rolls disintegrate on the tongue and develop the typical smoky, salty flavour of the fillets.

Part of the rainbow fish fillets is used in the village itself and serves as the major source of food for the population. Small fishing boats bring another part to Maderast, where it is sold at the market. The third and last part is taken by river boats upstream to Drachenruh, where they fetch high prices among the aristocracy.

The short shelf life of the fillets limits their distribution to a small area. Outside this region, the delicacy is not available. For this reason, visitors to the region also pay a high price to taste the fish.

In recent years, there have been repeated attempts to export the animals alive. These attempts have never been successful, as the squid die in a short time when they are taken out of the waters.


The consistency of the fish rolls is crumbly. They disintegrate at the slightest pressure on the tongue. The thickness of the cut and the cooking method achieves this consistency. Any slight deviation in the preparation changes the consistency adversely, which lowers the value of the fillets.


The rainbow fish fillets are also unique because of their colouring. The fillet has a purple colouring that shifts to bluish during the cooking process. The grain of the fillet is curled, and it has no bones by nature.


The flavour of the fillet is salty, with a slight sweetness that is stressed by the smoking process. Superficially, the sweetness is barely perceptible; only when the fish falls apart in the mouth does it become apparent.

Salty / Salzig
Violet-Blue / Bläulich Violett


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