Prophecy of Downfall

Almost 3000 years ago, something is said to have happened in Andrawyn that has never happened again since. The events began around the time of the summer solstice and ended on the Day of the Dead, on the night of the winter solstice. These events became known as the Prophecies of Downfall.

Exact records of these events do not exist, but the stories have been passed down as myths and legends.

Historical events

It is considered historically documented that around the summer solstice, oracles and magicians throughout the country suddenly received visions. Some had these visions in their dreams, others were attacked by them in broad daylight. The visions were completely different. Some showed hordes of undead, others showed dragons and strange entities that shredded reality.

In the first weeks, these visions were dismissed as collective delusions linked to a special conjunction of the stars. Only later did it become clear that the events were premonitions of something.

On the night of the following winter solstice, the visions suddenly ended and did not return in the following years. The longer the visions were absent, the more their contents were forgotten and only sporadically passed on.

It was not until four hundred years later that the events foreseen in that year came to pass. Only then did the reconstruction of the visions begin and, with it, the creation of the myth.

Spread of the myth

The myth of the prophecies has grown. Today it is said that the entire history of the following three thousand years was predicted in this half year. All important events in the world are attributed to the visions of that time and incorporated into the myth.

Today it is widespread almost everywhere in the world, but especially in Eivrune. The highest variance of myths is found in the continent's south and on the west coast, where the prophecies are mainly used as a justification for all injustices committed by rulers.

Date of Setting
-401 ToC


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21 Aug, 2021 22:34

This is both fascinating and a little terrifying. I know if I knew the contents of the prophecies I would be always on the lookout for things that fitted in, and I'm not sure that's a great way to live. The great thing about prophecies, though, is the different interpretations they can have. I bet people have so many theories.

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