Order of Light and Shadow

The Order of Light and Shadow is an order of knights which has its seat in the Protectorate of Celestria. It was founded for the first time in 2908 Time of Change, and found its temporary end in the Dragon Wars when the Scalebearers were almost completely killed during the battle. It was re-founded in 1580 of the Time of Heroes when the Scalebearers of this generation settled Celestria and took possession of Castle Rabenwacht. Today the castle is the headquarters of the Order, which is closely linked to the Celestria government.

Tresyelem by Joyce Maureira

Duties of the Order

The tasks of the Order have expanded massively since its foundation. While in the early years only the balance of the world was the Order's concern, this duty expanded to the welfare of the country's inhabitants with the founding of Salarin. When the portal rooms were completed and activated, the Order gained access to other worlds which in turn had a world dragon. At this point, the field of responsibility continued to grow.

Today the task of the Order is described as follows:

The preservation of balance on the worlds entrusted to us, as well as the welfare of those who have placed their lives in the Order's hands.

For this reason, the Order has committed itself to strict neutrality as long as it is not itself under attack. This applies even when Celestria is at war. In this case, the Order only intervenes when properties of the Order or its members become the direct target of attacks.

This neutrality makes members of the Order, especially the Knights and Paladins of the Order, welcome judges in large parts of eastern Eivrune.

Badges and Weaponry

Recognizing a member of the order is sometimes not as easy as one would expect. Especially when on duty, they do not wear certain colours or seals but communicate with each other through predetermined phrases and gestures.

Outside the missions of the order, most members wear a signet ring and an amulet, which identifies them as members of a certain rank. On official occasions, they also wear the crest of the order somewhere on their clothing as decoration. Furthermore, they can only be recognised by the quality of their weapons and clothing, which are of the highest quality even for members of the order in the lowest ranks.


The Order has a flat hierarchy that spans the different worlds. At the head of the entire Order of Light and Shadow is the Grand Master of the Order. The position of Grand Master has existed since 3223 TC when Korin Manuchez was appointed as the first Grand Master.

Since that time, the Grand Master has been in charge of the Masters of the Order, who coordinates the Order on their respective worlds and take the necessary actions to maintain the balance between good and evil. The Masters are accountable to the Grand Master and must report on their actions.

The Chronists of the Order provide the Order's librarians and historians. They meticulously record events on the worlds and safeguard the myths and legends of the various species. Besides, they keep the Chronicles of the Order, in which the members and their deeds are preserved. Like the Knights of the Order, they report to their respective Master of the Order.

The Knights of the Order form the fighting force that carries out the various actions of the Order in the field. They include paladins, clerics and fighters as well as rogues or rangers, soldiers as well as craftsmen. The knights report to the master of the order and manage the order's possessions in times of no action. They also train the Novice of the Order and provide training for recruits in Celestria.

Joining the Order

The members of the Order of Light and Shadow belong to a powerful organisation that is active far beyond Celestria's borders. The members are paid from the proceeds of their possessions, which means for most of them that they do not have to do any other work on the side. However, craftsmen in particular often have a side business where they can combine work for the order with other jobs.

In principle, the Order accepts members of every race and class, regardless of their origin or faith. However, they are also correspondingly radical when it comes to punishing treason and similar offences. Anyone who betrays the ideals of the Order or its members ends his career - and thus his life - according to the judgment of the gods of justice. The mission of the Order does not allow any compromise in this respect.

So while anyone can apply for admission to the Order without being excluded for their origin or beliefs, the actual selection process is dominated by a series of tests. The nature of the examinations varies according to the profession of the candidate and the branch to which he or she wishes to belong in the future.


The Order of Light and Shadow was founded around the year 2908 TC by a group of shed bearers who were confronted with the Wheel of Fate during the first wars between the newly founded city-states of Eivrune.

This experience - and the fact that not much was known about the Wheel of Fate - brought them and the world itself a good deal closer to their doom. When the war ended, the Scalebearers swore a binding oath to find out all they could about the Wheel of Fate and prevent the end of the world.

It would take 20 years for the Order to find a place that could serve as headquarters and base for their research. It was only after the completion of Raven's Keep that the shed bearers could start collecting all the myths about the Wheel and the World Dragon, which led them to all corners of the world. Until the Dragon Wars in 1203 TH, the castle remained the centre and base of the Order, with the land of Salarin being considered the dominion of the Order.

During this long period, the members of the order dedicated themselves to their mission and also carried out the research, especially in the magical fields. Especially when the portals were built and the worlds were connected for the first time, the order had to keep up with the times.

The first really hard blow was when the World Dragon of Immordia died in the war against the mana-eaters and made the portals unstable. The ritual that followed required members of the order on all worlds, which remained cut off from Andrawyn afterwards.

During the following centuries, the order was repeatedly reduced by natural disasters, wars and plagues, so that at the time of the Dragon Wars, only about 200 members were available on Andrawyn.

When the Dragon Wars began, the Order took its children, especially the young Scalebearers, to safety and for their protection took away any memory of what they had seen. Then the adult Scalesbearers and each member of the Order marched under arms into the devastating final battle, which lasted a full three days. When the dust had settled, no scalebearer nor one of the members of the order was left alive.

Since the Order was considered extinct and Salarin could no longer count as safe territory, Drachenruh and the other cities that had been severely damaged by the war were also abandoned. For four centuries, the land lay fallow, until only the worst of the horrors surrounded it, and the abandoned buildings were inhabited by goblins, goblins and worse.

Only around 1580 TH, in search of adventure, did scalebearers return to Saradin and decide to repopulate the land. Within the walls of the castle, they encountered not only terrible enemies but also the knowledge and records of the order. They decided to revive the order and to carry out its original tasks.

To this day, the Order is rebuilt by light and shadow and continues to carry out its tasks. Only a few months ago, the youngest scalebearers discovered the old portal rooms - and some active portals.

Est Lux Et Umbra In Statera

Founding Date
2908 TC
Civilian, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
The Order
Training Level
Members of the Order
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
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90 GD/Month (~ $1,800/Month)
180 GD/Month (~ $3,600/Month)
360 GD/Month (~ $7,200/Month)
Grand Master
660 GD/Month (~ 13,200/Month)

This payment remains after the cost of living has been covered and festival months bring the same payment.

Character flag image: Order of Light and Shadow by Susanne Lamprecht

Time of Change

3608 BS 0 BS

  • 2908 TC


    Founding of the Order of Light and Shadow

    After learning of the Wheel of Fate, the Scalebearers of Andrawyn joined forces with various warriors and paladins to found the Order of Light and Shadow. One of the order's declared goals is to maintain a balance between good and evil in the world.

    Additional timelines
  • 2918 TC

    Establishment of the Statutes of the Order
    Diplomatic action

    For the first time, the statutes of the Order were laid down in writing and witnessed with an oath to the World Dragon.

    Additional timelines
  • 2938 TC

    Foundation of Salarin

    The Order took possession of the land east of the Dragon Tooth Mountains and declared it the protectorate of Salarin.

    Additional timelines
  • 2948 TC

    2958 TC

    Castle Rabenwacht is built
    Construction beginning/end

    On one of the flattened mountain peaks of Salarin, near the Raven Falls, Castle Rabenwacht was built, the headquarters of the Order.

    Additional timelines
  • 2973 TC

    2978 TC

    Foundation of Drachenruh
    Military action

    During a siege of the castle, the settlement of Drachenruh was established at the foot of the mountains.

    Additional timelines
  • 3008 TC

    3128 TC

    Construction of the Portal Room
    Construction beginning/end

    At an important transition point between the material world and the otherworld, the portal room was built in the mountains below the castle.

    Additional timelines
  • 3108 TC

    3158 TC

    Construction of the Dragon Temple
    Construction beginning/end

    Hidden in the high mountains, the construction of the dragon temple began only a few years after the construction of the portal room had begun.

    Additional timelines
  • 3207 TC


    Prophecy of Downfall
    Life, Supernatural

    At the winter solstice this year, over 30 visionaries and priests worldwide had the same vision. It said that all civilisations and worlds could end if the process was not stopped. The events that could lead to this doom would begin with the death of the World Dragon of Immodia.

    Additional timelines
  • 3223 TC

    First Grand Master appointed
    Political event

    As the activities of the Order expanded to several worlds, the office of Grand Master was created. Korin Manuchez became the first Grand Master of the Order.

    Additional timelines
  • 3243 TC

    Academy of Magic Arts formed

    The Academy of Magical Arts is founded by wizards of the Order in Drachenruh. It is the first Academy of Andrawyn. The students are limited to 30 in the first years.

    Additional timelines
  • 3578 TC

    War against the Manaeaters
    Military action

    Manaeaters attack the Order and the World Dragon of Immordia. The Order pulls together all available troops but is hopelessly outgunned.

    Additional timelines
  • 3608 TC

    World Dragon of Immordia dies
    Disaster / Destruction

    To end the war, the World Dragon of Immordia sacrifices himself and drags the manaeaters with him to perdition. As a result, all portals become unstable. Three-quarters of all order members die during the war and the sacrifice.

Time of Heroes

1 S and beyond

  • 24 TH

    Portals Closed
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    After a quarter-century of research, mages on Andrawyn find a way to close the portals. Members of the order on other worlds are then cut off from the order. Immordia is magically linked to Andrawyn to save the world from disintegration.

    Additional timelines
  • 49 TH

    64 TH

    First Nynarian War
    Military action

    The Emperor of Nynarios tries to gain control of the portal room and triggers the first Nynarian War.

    Additional timelines
  • 254 TH


    Immigration of Goblins
    Population Migration / Travel

    After an unusually harsh winter, hundreds of goblins are streaming across the Dragon Tooth Mountains in northern Salarin. The goblins are allowed to settle there, which results in minor uprisings among the human population.

    Additional timelines
  • 288 TH


    Vulcanic Eruptions
    Geological / environmental event

    A series of small volcanic eruptions in the south of the Dragon Tooth Mountains destroy smaller villages and possessions of the Order.

    Additional timelines
  • 289 TH

    319 TH

    Waves of anaemia
    Plague / Epidemic

    Waves of anaemia attack the inhabitants of Salarin, especially in the south, until a single vampire is found who has settled there. The vampire gets permission to stay there as long as he doesn't commit murder and protects the villages in the south.

    Additional timelines
  • 334 TH

    Master of the Order executed
    Life, Death

    The master of the order Rhiordian Llayn turns out to be corrupt and is executed. Thor Thorvaldson successes him.

    Additional timelines
  • 364 TH

    386 TH

    Second Nynarian War
    Military action

    The Emperor's successor attempts to gain control of the portal room to consolidate his power and extend it to other worlds.

    Additional timelines
  • 400 TH

    Invasion of Chaos Creatures
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    The high elves of Lylleth open a portal into the void beyond the world and bring chaos creatures to Andrawyn. The destruction that follows is unbelievable. It takes months to send the creatures through a portal in Eversnow and capture them.

  • 649 TH

    Whispers of Treachery
    Life, Relationship change

    Whispers spread among the young scalebearers who believe that they are destined to rule, not to protect the world.

    Additional timelines
  • 688 TH

    Banished from the Order
    Civil action

    The young scalebearers are banished from the order after an unsuccessful assassination attempt on the order master. Their artefacts are confiscated.

    Additional timelines
  • 767 TH

    Renegades gain control over nations
    Military action

    Those scalebearers banished from the order gain control over large parts of Eivrune. They start to build their own, absolute Tyranny, punishing their subjects for minor "failures" and establishing practises harming the balance.

    Additional timelines
  • 800 TH

    War of the Gods
    Military action

    A war breaks out between the renegade scalebearers on one side and the Order on the other, bringing the gods back into the world.

  • 1057 TH

    Dragon Priests emerge
    Religious event

    All over the world, small cults of Dragon Priests are founded. They don't serve the world dragon, but the dragons living in their areas. The order had an eye on this cults but wasn't allowed to intervene, as long as they didn't influence the balance too much.

    Additional timelines
  • 1134 TH

    Scalebearers found dead
    Life, Death

    Two scalebearers were found dead in the swamps in the south of Eivrune. Their chest has been opened, and someone had tried to remove the dragon scales over their heart without success.

    Additional timelines
  • 1194 TH

    Children hidden
    Diplomatic action

    In the shadow of the approaching war, the Order brought the young scalebearers and the other children to safety with their respective peoples. The children were stripped of any memory of what they had already learned. At least until they would enter the Order lands again.

    Additional timelines
  • 1202 TH

    Dragon Wars
    Military action

    A group of vicious and chaos-infected dragons joined forces to wipe out the Andrawyn Scalebearers.

    Additional timelines
    Related article
  • 1580 TH


    Rediscovery of Salarin
    Discovery, Exploration

    Scalebearers enter the land of Salarin in search of adventure. When they encounter not only goblins in the castle but also the legacy of the order, they decide to rebuild the order and the land. They call their new land "Celestria", in the Aurian language "Hope".

    Additional timelines
  • 1585 TH


    First settlers arrive in Celestria
    Life, Relocation

    First settlers arrive in Celestria, mainly poor farmers and craftsmen from Auria. The construction work on Drachenruh begins.

    Additional timelines
  • 1586 TH

    Grom Thorvaldson becomes Master of the Order
    Diplomatic action

    Grom Thorvaldson is appointed as the first Master of the Order since its refounding. His friend, Chiara Manouchez, becomes the Queen of Celestria and is now known as Chiara von Celestria.

    Additional timelines
  • 1604 TH

    More settlers from Auria
    Population Migration / Travel

    Due to the Nynarian Conquest, many Aurians flee to the east. The settle in Celestria and rebuilt the old Salarin cities there.

    Additional timelines
  • 1983 TH

    Discovery of the portal room
    Discovery, Exploration

    The portal room below Castle Rabenwacht is discovered. Some of the portals are found active again.

    Additional timelines


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