Northern Tower

The Northern Tower is the northernmost tower in the inner ring of the city walls of Drachenruh. In the city, it is considered the entrance to the headquarters of the Shadow Network.

From the outside, there is nothing that distinguishes the tower from the other watchtowers of the inner city walls. Only the examination of the door shows clearly newer locks and an ingenious system of traps, which trigger when trying to open the door without a key.

The north tower has a square base of six metres edge length and is eighteen metres high in total. Through the ground floor, inside the tower, one can access the connecting passages of the city walls that link the individual watchtowers. From the third floor of the tower, you can access the ramparts of the city walls and finally the gatehouses that regulate access to the inner city.

The Headquarters

The basement has an old cell complex and direct access to the catacombs below the city. A short corridor leads to a series of smaller sleeping quarters, an underground treasure chamber and a kind of command centre equipped with modern technology.

Due to the age of the building and its proximity to the Raven River, the air is constantly filled with a slightly musty smell and has high humidity. There are no windows, the air shafts that supply the rooms with oxygen are intentionally kept so small that not even a gnome or a child would fit through. The walls, as well as the floor and ceiling, are made of the typical black granite that can be found everywhere in Celestria. The doors are made of ironwood and have other magical security features to prevent unauthorised access.

From the command centre, a locked door leads to a meeting room with just enough space for the table and six chairs. Only the Prince, the Queen herself and the heads of the various strands of the network are allowed to enter here.

Parent Location
Owning Organization
Shadow Network


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