The Lost Crown

Slowly the babble of voices in the taproom subsides as the first, delicate tones of the lute rise. Certainly, the two fairy dragons have something to do with it, perfectly imitating the annoying "PST" of earlier visitors. When only the occasional clinking of glass, the obligatory cough and the music can be heard, the Daoine begins to tell a story. A story that tells of great power and devastating war. A story that leaves many of the listeners with the desire to become better. More friendly. More trustworthy. At least for this night.


The myth of the lost crown has been wandering in many countries of Eivrune since the Dragon Wars. Today it is mainly spread in the area where the crown was actually lost - on the Gemstone Coast. It describes the making of the crown, its use in the wars and the disappearance of the artefact, as well as the order and the dragons disappeared.

Historical Basis

The existence of the Waterbinder's Crown and its creator, as well as its use in the Dragon War, is historically documented and well documented. The sudden disappearance of the crown and its creator, however, is the stuff of myths and conspiracies of all kinds.


The myth is spread along the entire Gemstone Coast but is centred mainly in Celestria, where on the one hand the order is constantly present, but on the other hand, was also the alleged centre of events.

Variations & Mutation

There are many different variations of the myth. Sometimes it is claimed that the creator of the crown brought it to the Silverscale Islands, sometimes that he left the world completely and took the crown with him. Other variations assign him the role of the villain who was destroyed along with the crown in the Dragon Wars.

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