Kerran Cirocal

Captain Kerran Cirocal

Kerran Cirocal is a pirate of the Sapphire Islands and a scalebearer. He is one of the five captains who negotiated a peace with Admiral Raissa Nadeira and has since been operating under the connivance of the Celestrian Queen.

Among the Celestrian population, they know Kerran as the Scourge of the Sapphire Islands. They considered him the most successful and cruelest pirate of the islands. Rumours abound, he submitted only to the Admiralty and would take orders from no one but Raissa. These stories culminate in the wildest rumours of a secret relationship between admiral and captain. Kerran does nothing to deny or stop these rumours. On the contrary. He wrote one of the most famous letters, the "Ode to a Lady" for the Admiral.

When Kerran agreed with Celestria, he abandoned his own ship, the Ladies Revenge, and had a new ship built for himself. His current ship is called Desire. Supposedly, the bow figure, a half-naked woman, was modelled after Raissa.


Kerran is a slender, rather delicately built man with wiry muscles. He has a finely cut face, with a straight nose and square chin. His chest and back are tattooed, as are his arms. He wears a neat, neatly trimmed beard and shoulder-length, thick curls.

He usually wears well-cut, robust leather clothing. When he approaches the admiral, he usually dispenses with his shirt, but not with his weapons. He is armed with two revolvers, the origin of which is unknown.

Known facts

Not much is known about Kerran. He grew up in the Sapphire Islands and entered service on one of the pirate ships as a ship's boy at seven. As he grew up, he worked his way up and took over his first ship at 20.

A few years later, he was seen for the first time with Raissa, whom he has since regularly visited or invited to the islands. During the peace negotiations with Celestria, he made a gift of his ship to the queen, on condition that it be placed under the admiral's command.

The following year, an intercepted letter from the captain made its way into the newspapers and has since become known as "Ode to a Lady". He apparently still acts on his own account, but usually submits to the will of the admiral. No one knows exactly how she got him to do it.

Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Biological Sex
Male / Männlich
Emerald Green / Smaragdgrün
Shoulder length, brown curls / Schulterlange, braune Locken
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Slightly golden toned / Leicht golden getönt


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