Kanshi is the language of the high elves on the isles of fate and is little known beyond. One of the most remarkable things about this little-used language is that every word takes up exactly the same amount of time. A short word is followed by a longer pause, while longer words are pronounced in places at breathtaking speed.
Insults in Kanshi are completely harmless for most other languages. Since the high elves of the islands are extremely courteous, the mere omission of a homage counts as a deadly insult, which at least leads to a wounded sense of honor. Nevertheless, even in Kanshi there are some phrases that are in no way inferior to the more common languages in their creativity.
Like many elven languages, the Kanshi has a certain melodic beauty that could tempt many people to want to learn the language. However, this project is very difficult in any case, because it depends on the exact emphasis of the words and very few people have the patience to actually learn and master this language. However, even less are able to use the language in such a way that a high elf who is powerful enough for them would condescend to answer.

Geographical Distribution

Kanshi is spoken almost exclusively on the Isles of Fate. Outside the closed island community, Kanshi is hardly passed on, and if it is, then only within the framework of formal training. The language is one of the elven languages and it would be very unusual for a person to speak it.
Common Phrases

Akuma no shōfu no seihin
Son of a demon whore

Anata wa ningen no reigi o motte imasu
You have the politeness of a human being

Don'na waisei demo anata o shinseki to yobu koto ga dekimasu
Every dwarf would be happy to call you a relative

Togatta mimi no aru ningen wa ningen no mamadearu
A human with pointed ears is still a human

Jugoku ni ike
Go to hell
Common Female Names
Asuka, Aya, Ayaka, Ayano, Haruka, Haruna, Kana, Mai, Miho, Miki, Misaki, Moe, Nanami, Natsuki, Natsumi, Rina, Saki, Yui, Yuka, Yukio
Common Male Names
Akira, Daichi, Daiki, Daisuke, Kazuki, Kenta, Kou, Kouhei, Naoki, Ren, Ryota, Ryou, Shou, Shouta, Takumi, Takuya, Tatsuya, Tsubasa, Yuuki, Yuuta


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