What is Andrawyn?

Andrawyn is a world protected by a World Dragon and orbited by two moons. It is a world which, instead of the different planes, has the Otherworld, a mirror of the material plane, in which the gods exist very real. Andrawyn is a world from which one can reach all other worlds. And it is a world whose lifeblood is the Song of Creation, which fires the magic with which almost everything works.

Andrawyn combines elements of Dark Fantasy with the ubiquitous magic of MagiPunk and then adds a thin layer of Sword & Sorcery. Not all stories end well here, and every action influences the Wheel of Fate. This Mythical Wheel measures the balance of the world and if it ever completes its turn, this world will end.

Once every four thousand years, the world faces such a revolution and a time of anxiety in which it is completely open whether Andrawyn will continue to exist. This lies solely in the hands of the Scalebearers. Heroes were chosen by fate to save the world - or to plunge it into the eternal abyss.

The Order of Light and Shadow pays meticulous attention to the balance between good and evil, light and shadow, to keep this time of overthrow as short as possible. With the help of divination magic, they monitor the Wheel of Fate and take compensatory measures when it becomes out of balance. Too much good is balanced by evil and vice versa. The decision is never easy, but it must be made.

Between all this live the inhabitants of Andrawyn, and each of them influences the balance, for better or for worse. The decision is never easy, but it always makes a difference - for better or for worse.

What makes the world special?

A magical world

The Song of Creation was woven into the world by Nys at the dawn of time, and it is still being amplified and renewed by the bards today.

The Wheel of Fate

Like a doomsday clock, the wheel floats above Andrawyn and clearly indicates how far the world has already been driven to the abyss.


Andrawyn allows you to switch between different worlds of the multiverse, even if this type of journey is strictly controlled by the Order.

War of the Gods

Since this conflict, the gods on Andrawyn are real, and interfere in the concerns of mortals, albeit indirectly.

Ancient Secrets

In the long history of Andrawyn, civilizations have risen and been forgotten. Nobody knows what secrets their ruins still hold today.




The world is infused with magic, which makes it something persistent and available everywhere. No one thinks about warming up their breakfast with a little spell or keeping fish fresh in a cold box.

Technology on Andrawyn is powered by magic, which doesn't happen without the conflicts common to the punk genre in general.


Industrial Revolution

The technology is to a very large extent at the state of the Industrial Revolution. Instead of the steam power used in the real world, the machines here are powered by magic.

However, there is also technology that was developed much later in our real world but has a firm place in Andrawyn because of magic. One example of that will be stretch clothing.


Books & Movies
  • From Hell
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • Sherlock Holmes Movies
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • The Iron Seas Series by Meljean Brooks
  • Steam & Magic by Cindy Spencer Pape
  • Dracula by Bram Stoker
  • Ravenloft Novels

The People

Andrawyn is home to a wide variety of peoples, from the graceful Daoine to the fearsome Vampire. Some of them were created on Andrawyn, but are common throughout the multiverse. Others were never created here, but came through the portals long ago and settled in the world. Still, others have been created here and have never spread much. These do not necessarily have to be unique races like the Daoine. Also those like Dhampir and Vampire, which behave here simply differently, than on other worlds. Among the species typical of Andrawyn are these:




The daoine are a race that has never spread much beyond Andrawyn. They were created by the sun goddess Solaya and are still very attached to her today, which is why many daoine know at least fundamentally something about medicine and herbalism.

Their attachment to the Song and the elements of the world makes the daoine a race that has a unique understanding of how things work on Andrawyn.



Half-Daoine, like many other crossbreed races, are quite rare on Andrawyn, although they always emerge when a daoine reproduces with a member of another race. They usually get traits from both races, but the daoine shines through again and again.

In particular, the elemental attachment that is characteristic of the daoine is also found in the half-daoine but is inherited there in the male line, not in the female line as is the case with the daoine.



The blood-drinking vampires are native to the multiverse on almost every planet. On Andrawyn they live partly in hiding, partly completely open among humans. They feed on the blood of mortals and are practically immortal. New vampires are not born, they are created, even if a vampire can father a child.

Vampires on Andrawyn are not necessarily dependent on human blood. Animal blood also feeds them but does not satiate them as long.



The dhampir is a special species, even for Andrawyn. Vampires and Dhampirs are not native to Andrawyn, but when they came here, they changed. The vampires became procreative and could have children, provided they had a willing partner.

These children are the dhampires. They have attenuated vampire characteristics and are, contrary to all probability, very alive. Today they can be found all over the world.



The origins of lycanthropy on Andrawyn are no longer really traceable today, but the legends about who creatures are already very old. The only certainty about the origin of this species is that it is affected by a curse that forces it to change shape during a full moon.

Unlike other worlds, creatures can change shape independently of the full moon, they are only forced to do so at this time of the month.



In contrast to the lycanthropes, shapeshifters are not under a curse but are born with an additional form. The race is very rare on Andrawyn, and if you find them, then usually in closed communities or secretly hidden among humans.

Shape-shifters are independent of the moon and are not subject to any restrictions concerning their abilities. At least none that would resemble the curse of the lycanthropes.


Beyond the species mentioned here, many races occur on Andrawyn. Some of them have new subraces here, others work a bit differently than you might be used to. Learn more about Races in Andrawyn.


Regions of Eivrune

Eivrune is the largest and most densely populated continent on Andrawyn. It is home to dozens of smaller and larger kingdoms spread across the country. Although there are wild regions with few inhabitants, the land is mapped and certainly belongs to somebody. This does not necessarily mean that the inhabitants have been informed. Or that they share this opinion.

Northern Eivrune

The Northern Eivrune is characterized by extensive coniferous forests and cold winters. Summers are short and intense, with long days and short nights. Winters, on the other hand, are long, cold and exceptionally dark. In the north of the continent there live few mortals, and those who do are nomadic. They follow their prey and move continuously to the borders of civilized countries in the center of the continent. And if you have the opportunity, you can also start a small raid...

Central Eivrune

Wide hilly landscapes, mountains, extensive plains, and mixed forests characterize the central area of Eivrune, which is divided into east and west by the Dragon Tooth Mountains. On the east coast of the continent, the climate is mild, dominated by the warm sapphire stream that flows north. Here the temperatures hardly fluctuate and many inhabitants have never seen snow in their lives. West of the mountains the weather is more changeable, with seasons as we know them from the temperate regions of our own world.

Southern Eivrune

The transition to the southern regions of the continent is marked by the Wastelands. They are a stretch of land twisted by wild magic and considered uninhabitable today. South of the Wastelands, there are mainly steppe landscapes and deserts, softened only by a few oases, which are often the only water supply. The summers here are long and hot, while the winters are short and cold. In spite of the extreme conditions, it is not the weather that is the enemy, but the fauna of the country, which is characterized by its hostility.

Beyond Eivrune

Besides Eivrune, there are three other continents and a group of islands that were a continent at the beginning of the world. Ruabrin lies to the west of Eivrune and is a continent almost as densely populated as Eivrune. Most of the exotic goods you can buy on Eivrune come from Ruabrin.

South of Ruabrin lies the continent of Marreb, a place that is still a wonderland for many today. The inhabitants of Marreb, however, are very willing to trade, which is why there are always imports from countries beyond the sea.

Northwest of Eivrune lies Lerraveth, a continent covered by city-states between which stretches of... nothing... stretch. Unless you count the landscape.

South of Lerraveth lies the Isles of Fate, inhabited by elves, which were the origin of the invasion of chaos at the turn of the ages and are therefore still ostracized and excluded from the more civilized lands.


A World of Magic

Song of Creation

Lifeblood of the world

The Song of Creation is the lifeblood of Andrawyn. It is said that the Song contains all the legends and myths ever told. What is certain, though, is that the legends and songs of the bards on Andrawyn strengthen the song, while the sorcerers, wizards and other spellcasters manipulate it in their favor.

Basic Magic

You can feel the magic

The Song fires the magic on Andrawyn and all life in the world. Accordingly, any race on Andrawyn can influence the song to some extent, regardless of what profession a person is in. This natural magic is called basic magic and contains the simplest spells, like a warmth spell.

The Otherworld

The other Side

Unlike most other worlds in the multiverse, there are no different planes on Andrawyn. Here only the Otherworld exists, which is a mirror of the real world and contains all planes of existence. In the Otherworld, one finds elementary beings as well as fiends and celestials.


Always close to destruction

Wheel of Fate

It's almost too late

Nobody seems to know exactly where the Wheel of Fate comes from or where it can actually be found. It is said, however, that every 4000 years it ends a full cycle, and the world then has the opportunity to be destroyed forever. Since something happens every 4000 years that massively changes the world, it is now considered proven.

World Dragon

The Embodyment of Balance

Inseparably connected with the Wheel of Fate is the World Dragon, a mythical being that has existed since the beginning of creation. It is said that only the dragon can influence the wheel, but it is forbidden to do so. Mortals, on the other hand, may, but can not. This rule is circumvented by giving birth to Scalebearers in every generation.


What would you do with that Power?

Scalebearers are mortals born with a scale of world dragon over the heart. This scale gives them immortality and stops the aging process when they reach adulthood. Besides, the scalebearers are able to reverse the course of the Wheel. On Andrawyn, most Scalebearers are members of the Order of Light and Shadow.


With a strange history

Gods are Real

And they aren't nice

Since the War of the Gods, the Gods on Andrawyn are very real on the material plane again. They influence mortals and events, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. It is anything but unusual for a deity to show itself in persona at the celebration consecrated to him and to take part in the festivities. Yet, it is not uncommon for villains and heroes to receive support from the gods, too.

Ancient Places

There is a reason...

In the history of the world, there have been hundreds of realms that have risen and fell again. The traces of these empires and their ruins can still be found today in the more remote regions of the world. Some are even considered cursed, and in the majority, nobody really knows what is there. Who knows what treasures await discovery there? Or which beings survived the fall? Who's brave enough to find out?


Become a god

No one knows exactly which mortal ascended to God first. What is certain, however, is that it is possible. Enough faith in a certain direction can make a Deity out of an ordinary mortal. But before striving for this kind of power, one should consider the consequences when faith is no longer strong enough. He who rises high can also fall deep. And a fallen deity finally disappears from existence. But sometimes you still find traces.


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