Grand Master of the Order

The Grand Master of the Order presides over the Order of Light and Shadow on all three worlds. He is responsible for arranging for the Order's operations for the benefit of balance which would affect the Order on all worlds. For this purpose, in the case of a case, he alone has command over all branches of the Order and the members of the Order resident there.


The Grand Master of the Order must be a Scalebearer to directly access the magic that monitors balance. The alarm spells that would go off in an emergency are directly connected to his Dragon Scale and cannot be transferred to someone who does not carry his own Scale.


Only a Scalebearer who has already undergone a change of times and has led one of the three orders for at least a century can be considered a Grand Master. In addition, the world dragon himself must confirm the choice of the order. Only then is a Grand Master really elected and can be appointed to his position.


The election of the Grand Master takes place at a General Assembly of the Order of Light and Shadow. The masters of the Order publicly nominate their favourite, after which all the members of the Order, up to the novices, vote openly on the candidate. Abstentions are not possible during the election.

If the candidate is accepted by the majority of the members of the Order, he is taken to the Temple of the Dragon, where he spends a night in meditation to tune in to the spells that monitor the balance. On this night, the world dragon itself will announce its approval or rejection of the candidate in the dreams of the members of the order.

In case of approval, the entry in the archives of the Order is simply adapted, in case of rejection, the Order must elect a new Grand Master.

Source of Authority
World Dragon
Length of Term
Current Holders


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