Faoiam (/fˠiə̯mʲ/)

Faoiam was a language from the area of the Bloodstone Mountains. It was a language composed of Salistra, Drynei and Elvish. Today, a few historians and mages who are dedicated to the study of the vanished valleys in the Bloodstone Mountains are the only ones using the language.

Original Distribution

Emigrants brought the language probably originated in present-day Celestria to the lands around the Bloodstone Mountains. Evidence for this are the similarities to the "Cellad", a sailor dialect, which is widespread in the coastal areas of Celestria and comprises different languages.

Since the Dragon Wars, the language is extinct.

Sentence structure & stress

The sentence structure of Faoiam follows the pattern subject -> object -> verb. The stress of the individual words is always on the first syllable. The overall speech melody is soft, words are often slurred and grouped together, resulting in a soft murmur. This murmuring and melodic speech is typical of all languages from eastern Eivrune.


Although there are translations of Faoiam texts into a modern alphabet, they usually wrote original texts in the ancient Salistrian runic alphabet. This alphabet has 45 different runes, each representing a sound.

Common Phrases
  • bi bhai scra ai ceart a srucia chí trian srucia bhis
    I will love you for a thousand years and a thousand miles
  • tthe cangor cám tthe gru bi dánsear
    I feel the balance of the mountain
  • dánsear tthe culeint biar sei
    Feelings always erase the truth
  • ú ai thacht , cthose srirt words bua lag , ceart speecth is bua a cunt
    When you speak, chose your words like arrow, for speech is like a bow
Common Female Names
Annabell, Elizabeth, Ellen, Isobel, Janet, Katherine, Mabel, Maude, Matilda, Sywe, Ysenda
Common Male Names
Brian, Eoin, Fearchar, Giles, Magnus, Neil, Ninian, Richard, Robert, Roger, Simon, William


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21 Aug, 2021 21:52

I love the description of the language as a murmuring language. I can almost hear it in my head.

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