Celestrian is the common language in the Kingdom of Celestria . It developed in the course of 4000 from a mixture of the language of Arfordas and the language of Auria, where many of the original settlers of the kingdom came from.

The most closely related languages are the common Drynei and Altauric used in Arfordas, as it was spoken over 4000 years ago. In the course of history, however, the language has changed more and more, which is why it is hardly possible today to draw conclusions from one language to the other.

Curses and sayings in celestric language are often long and floral, freely expressed according to the motto: diplomacy means telling someone so kindly he should shear to the demons that he is looking forward to the journey (mae diplomyddiaeth yn golygu dweud wrth rywun mor garedig y dylai fynd i'r cythreuliaid ei fod yn edrych ymlaen at y daith).

Geographical Distribution

Today Celestrian is mainly spoken in Celestria, but it is also spoken on the Sapphire Islands and in various other countries around the world. Celestrian is a popular second language, especially in neighbouring countries, and many children learn it from an early age.

Successor Languages
Common Phrases
May the dragon get you!
Dylech gael y ddraig!
Dark nights are the shortest
Nosweithiau tywyll yw'r byrraf
Don't trust a smiling paladin
Peidiwch ag ymddiried mewn paladin sy'n gwenu
Never cut a deal with Nynarios
Peidiwch byth â thorri bargen â nynarios
This interests someone beyond the mountains
Mae hyn o ddiddordeb i rywun y tu hwnt i'r mynyddoedd

Common Female Names

Aderyn, Branwen, Creirwy, Dwynwen, Eirian, Flamina, Gwendolyn, Innogen, Lynwen, Malvina, Nimue, Olwen, Rhiannon, Rhianwen, Sirona, Teleri

Common Male Names

Anwas, Blaen, Cadreith, Derwyn, Dylan, Elwyn, Gerwyn, Gruffydd, Idris, Kynon, Lloyd, Llywelyn, Madoc, Nudd, Pwyll, Rhys, Taliesin, Trahaearn, Trystan, Urien


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