Angel Feather

Angel feathers are a rare artefact that can only be given as a gift. Some angels, especially guardian angels, make a gift of such a feather to particularly esteemed mortals.

Appearance and structure

Angel feathers vary in size and colouring depending on the strength of the angel from whom it comes. Silver and White feathers are common. Black feathers usually belong to fallen angels and are very rare.

The size of the feathers ranges from the length of an ordinary quill to twice its size. The long shaft of the feather can measure up to half a centimetre at its thickest point.

Use as a writing tool

Angel feathers do not require liquids such as ink to be used as a writing tool. They never become blunt and do not need to be sharpened. The feathers are impervious to the effects of time. This allows them to be passed on within the family if the original owner of the feather passes away.

Depending on the status and assignment of the angel, the feathers write in different colours. So far, the following colours could be assigned:

  • Black: an angel belonging to Nys
  • Golden: an angel belonging to Solaya
  • Red: an angel belonging to Maritae
  • Blue: an angel belonging to Nereus
  • Orange: an angel belonging to Varennia
  • Purple: an angel belonging to Shaladar
  • Grey: an angel belonging to Lisandra

So far nobody knows which colouring the angels of lesser deities have.

Fields of application

Because of the rarity of the feathers, everyone who owns such a feather is aware of their value. These feathers are rarely used for "mundane" purposes. Much more common is their use in a religious context. This is also because most owners of angel feathers are among the preferred priests of the gods. They are often high priests or the highest paladins of the respective deity.

Item type
40cm x 7cm


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21 Aug, 2021 22:24

I love that these write in different colours depending on the angel the feather belongs to. That's a great detail. I definitely would not use such a quill to write my shopping list!

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