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Wreckage of the Sky Whale

What was once a marvel of'Ancient Ones' aerial technology now rests at the bottom of a secluded valley, broken and ransacked. The Sky Whale was believed to be one of the rare few 'A.O.' air ships that was capable of transporting several live Regal Dragons, and was used to travel between the A.O.'s Homeland and Tamerea.   It's believed that at the time the magic levels crashed the ship had been traveling from the 'A,O.'s homeland' and had already passed over the Dura Mountains. Just as it was passing over a ridge the magic levels dropped below what was needed to run the ship. Gravity took over and the Sky Whale fell onto the ridge. Current rock formations and the debris field show that it rolled a few times before sliding into the valley. There is some evidence that some of the ship's occupants survived the crash, but it is unknown if they ever made it out of the valley.   Now the broken ship rests in the valley, and since it's rediscovery it has been constantly looted, and in control of various different groups. Before it's official discovery bandits and adventurers would come across it, loot it for valuables and use it as shelter for the night. When scholars learned of it's existence they rushed to have it secured from further looting. There was so much of the 'A.O's' that could be learned of the ship, but only if the artifacts and wreckage was protected. For a long time the scholars studied what they could, and many artifacts were removed and stored in museums, however they weren't the only one's interested in everything to do with the 'A.O.'s'. As 'The Descendents' grew in power they raided the wreckage. Non Elven scholars were murdered, while Elven scholars were kidnapped. Anything still in the ship that 'The Descendants' saw of value and could be carried away was stolen. They held the wreckage for a short time, trying to gather as much as they could, but when word reached the officials in charge of the scholars of what happened they sent more soldiers to rescue the scholars and take back the wreckage. As soon as they arrived however, 'The Descendants' retreated with their loot and captives, leaving only bodies and the wreckage itself.

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