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Sir Emberson III

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sir Emberson III was born to a rather well off family of the time, and grew up with few worries. However not being the eldest son meant that he would not inherit his father's business, and needed to either take a lower position job or find his own job. For a few years he worked at his father's company, and while he made good money Emberson wasn't content. He wanted more, to be better. So when he heard of a group of individuals setting out to establish a new settlement out on the Firadas Prairie Emberson leap at the opportunity. He sold much of his things, and bought many supplies for the journey.   The journey lasted several months, and was the hardest thing he had ever done. Emberson saw many people perish during the journey, from a child being snatched by a Cackling Hyena, an illness wiping out half of the elderly, and a wildfire swallowing up those too slow to make it to the river for safety. By the time they found a suitable place to make a new settlement only half of them had survived the journey. It was during this time that Emberson decided that only the strong survived, and the weak would be weeded out.


Contacts & Relations

Both in his time and current, the 'Grass Stalkers' have viewed Sir Emberson III as a monster for murdering and enslaving their people, as well as stealing their sacred drakes and warping their form for his own gains.

Wealth & Financial state

While Sir Emberson III was born to a relatively wealthy family, he made most of his fortune from the breeding of Domesticated Drakes. The fortune and infrastructure he built while he was alive still funds his family's lifestyle generations after his passing.
Current Status
Current Location

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2 Aug, 2022 16:26

A very interesting pioneering story.