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Orcish Phrases and Slang

Insults Meaning
"Only good for dragon's dung." Implies that an individual is over confident in their abilities and will get themselves killed because of it.
"They've got a wyvern's stinger for a tongue." To say that one only speaks ill of others and/or yells and swears a lot.
"Go bed a Dwarf!" Used as an insult and implies that one has poor taste in bed mates.
"You've got tusks like a rabbit!" Implies that a Orc's tusks are flat and dull.
"Dura runs circles around you." A phrase that states one has poor endurance and tires quickly in a fight.
"Child of a troll" A term to refer to those that have eaten the flesh of other sentient beings, whether or not it was an act of desperation or one of delight.
"You fight as well as a toothless old drake." Used to claim that one is useless in a fight. Typically used when a young male challenges the head male of a tribe for his tribe.
"Your scars are self inflicted!" Orcs see scars as a sign of their strength and ability to hold their own in a fight. To claim that one inflicted their own scars is to say that they are too much of a coward to fight, and that they would rather fake their achievements.
"Dull of blade and herbs of poison." A saying among the women to refer to another Orc woman as a detriment to the tribe's well being. She is unable to create effective tools and is unable to identify plants as beneficial or toxic.

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