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"If you are looking for a quality drake mount I would recommend making the trip to Drakeden. They breed only the best drakes"


Drakeden is infamous for it's use of several breeds of domesticated drakes for defense and offense.

Industry & Trade

Drakeden is well known for it's Domesticated Drakes. After centuries of selective breeding they have developed dozens of breeds that are used for a variety of tasks.


Coin District Also known as the merchant's district, this is where the majority of shops and stalls are located.   Crown District The district where the upper class lives and plays, it is located at the top of the cliff, high above the commoners and safe from the wild beasts that stalk the prairie.   Drake District Located at the base of the cliff, this is where most of the city's domestic drakes are kept and bred.   Farmland The area surrounding the districts on the hillside, the farmland region is where most of the food and livestock for the city is grown and raised. This region is bordered by the wilds of the Firadas Prairie, so it is not too uncommon for the wildlife to wander into the farmland, causing issues for the locals.   River District Located on the hillside that connects the Crown District with the Drake District, the River District is home to most of the middle class, and is across the river from the Coin District. Most of the shopkeepers live in this district


The city is located around a cliffside, with the lower class and majority of Drake stables being located at the base of the cliff, the middle class being located on the hill side next to the cliff, and the nobles living at the top of the cliff.
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