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Captain GoldFang

Captain GoldFang

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Captain GoldFang was born to an average Orc tribe and had a relatively uneventful childhood. When he reached adulthood, he was ceremonially banished, like all young Orc men. He made his way down his mountain home, and spent around a year traveling from place to place, doing odd jobs and learning new skills.   Eventually he found a job working aboard a merchant's ship, moving cargo and doing odd jobs. Having never seen the ocean up close before, he was excited to be out at sea. While he enjoyed the days when he was surrounded by the endless expanse of water and the smell of salt in the air, he was not pleased to deal with the snobby dock folk whenever they had to deliver cargo.   One early morning he was awoken to pirates boarding the ship, and after a brief battle was tied up with his crew mates on deck. During the fight he had knocked out several pirates, but lost one of his tusks. The captain was impressed with his fighting skills and his comfort with moving about a ship, and offered him a place on his pirate crew.


Captain GoldFang received a pretty standard Orcish education growing up. Not long after he left his birth tribe, he found work upon a merchant's ship. For several years he worked upon that ship, traveling the seas and learning much about maintaining a ship.   After his time on the merchant ship GoldFang spends several years under the watchful eye of a pirate king, learning everything there is to know about being a pirate.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Captain GoldFang is known as one of the greatest pirates of his time, having plundered several high priority targets. One of his most well known heists was upon a ship containing a Human princess. Originally only after the treasure in board, Captain GoldFang and the princess fell in love at first sight. He takes her aboard his ship, and they eventually get married, much to the king's fury.
Owned Vehicles

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