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Cackling Hyena

"But pa! I hear other kids playing outside, let me go play with them!" "No! Stay inside! Those aren't children, they're cackling hyenas and if they see you outside they will eat you. Never go outside at night, especially if you hear laughter." ~A father warning his daughter of the danger outside.
  In many places throughout the Firadas Prairie, it is taboo to laugh after the sun sets, and the Cackling Hyena is to blame. One of the few predators known to actively hunt Humans, they are often regarded as monsters. This has resulted in all hyenas, not just the Cackling Hyena, being persecuted.

Basic Information


These robust hyenas have relatively long limbs, helping them look over taller grasses better.

Biological Traits

Sounds One of this hyena's vocalizations makes it sound like a person is laughing, especially that of a child.

Genetics and Reproduction

Females often give birth to 2-4 cubs, with 2 being more common. Females don't help each other raise cubs, and the males play no part at all.

Dietary Needs and Habits

While they will eat a wide variety of creatures, Cackling Hyenas prefer to hunt the various ground dwelling monkeys and apes of the region. This preference has unfortunately resulted in them becoming known man eaters, especially of children or lone travelers. As a result many locals fear the sound of laughter after the sun sets.   Cackling Hyenas will mainly catch their own kills, they won't turn down a free meal if a opportunity presents itself. Older or sick individuals have been known to roam near cemeteries, digging up freshly buried bodies to eat.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Cackling Hyenas live in small social groups lead by the largest female.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Cackling Hyenas are native to the Firadas Prairie.

Average Intelligence

These creatures are vary intelligent, being able to work together to ambush and hunt prey.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
They are a tan-golden color with darker stripes.
Related Myths

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